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Making Health Care Simple — Because Canadians Deserve Better

Nurse attending to old lady
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Nurse attending to old lady
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Adesh Vora, SRx Health Solutions

Adesh Vora

President & CEO, SRx Health Solutions

Brock Clancy, SRx Health Solutions

Brock Clancy

Vice-President of Patient Services & Operations, SRx Health Solutions

SRx Health Solutions offers a series of integrated solutions to improve Canadians’ health and wellness.

While Canada’s public health-care system is considered amongst the best in the world, Canadians are also woefully aware of our health system’s gaps in care. SRx Health Solutions is a network of clinics, pharmacies, and medical professionals working together to help create better patient outcomes for Canadians. The network was founded in 2013 to address gaps in care, expand pharmacists’ role and maximize on their capability, and provide innovative, sustainable, and integrated solutions to revolutionize health care for Canadians. Through patient support programs, pharmacy services, nursing services, clinical trials, diagnostics testing, and more, SRx supports all aspects of a patient’s health-care journey.

A patient-centric approach

No two patients are the same, and SRx understands the importance of supporting each patient with the unique levels of support and involvement best suited to them. “There are some patients who prefer to take their health into their own hands, and we look to offer ways to support them by making health care simple — for example, with virtual care, pharmacogenomics, preventative health, free delivery, self-service, and so on,” says Adesh Vora, President and CEO of SRx Health Solutions. “On the other hand, some may require more assistance and need help finding coverage for their drugs, learning about their condition, administering their treatment, receiving daily or frequent check-ins, and so on.”

By creating patient-centric solutions, SRx enhances patient care and truly improves Canadians’ wellness. “A patient-centric approach makes the biggest difference in people’s lives,” says Brock Clancy, the network’s Vice-President of Patient Services and Operations. “Having personalized access to a full team of integrated health professionals — such as pharmacists, nurses, clinicians, and patient support program coordinators — who are committed to developing a support plan that works for each patient alleviates major stress, contributes to better outcomes, and bridges gaps in the Canadian health-care system.”

A patient-centric approach makes the biggest difference in people’s lives.

Brock Clancy

Leveraging technology

SRx utilizes technology, innovation, and automation to enhance access and care — including with its very own fully integrated and customized technology platform, which is used by all facets of the company. “Our technology uses AI to better predict when patients and physicians might require more assistance from our team along their medical journey,” says Clancy. “Automation is paramount to the functionality of our patient support program as we’ve found ways to make life easier for patients, physicians, and caseworkers to take care of the necessary tasks to get patients onto specialty medication.”

The network also plays a key role in expanding the role and maximizing on the capability of pharmacists. It does this by fostering an environment of learning and skill-building. “We empower our team to be clinical pharmacists (performing duties beyond just dispensing and processing orders), thereby optimizing treatments, enhancing the patient journey, and working closely with physicians and other health professionals,” says Vora. “We further leverage technology to allow for automation wherever possible, thereby ensuring that our pharmacists can provide hands-on personalized support to each and every patient.” Combined, these efforts result in better health outcomes.

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