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Shelley Morgan

Shelley Morgan, PharmD

CEO, Rx Billing Genie

A Daily Pain Point: Time is one of the most valuable things we have and it is one of the easiest things to fritter away. One of the ways we lose time and gain daily frustration is by processing rejected prescriptions. Rx Billing Genie helps assist pharmacy staff through technology to address this issue in seconds.

It all began when the co-founders of Rx Billing Genie, Shelley a pharmacist, and Nicola an assistant, realized how much time was being wasted while calling insurance companies for intervention codes. Around 10 to 15 hours were being squandered on the phone every month. With a common grievance, we worked together to help our fellow pharmacy colleagues.

This is how the first pharmacy app of its kind came into being. “Nothing like this had existed in our industry,” Shelley said and Nicola explained how excited she was to explore other avenues of the pharmacy industry beyond her current position as an assistant. With this innovative app, they planned to improve efficiencies that would reduce the frustrations around working in a community pharmacy and billing insurances.

Sharing our solution with our pharmacy colleagues

This pain point is common to every one of us from BC to PEI, and with that in mind, Rx Billing Genie (RxBG) was born. With problem-solving at the forefront of the co-founder’s mission, they opted to work with the Canadian Pharmacist Association whose mission is to provide tools to empower Canadian pharmacists. Rx Billing Genie is not just a problem-solving tool, but what it really does is give the user back valuable time. 

The app was created to be your convenient searchable insurance database. No more searching the net, flipping through an outdated billing binder, or worse, calling adjudicators and wasting hours, upon hours monthly. During the pandemic, everyone realized how valuable pharmacists’ time and accessibility were and now the profession has to do everything it can to protect it from time wasters. Listening to “your call is important to us” is one of the biggest time vacuums of them all! The Genie is at your fingertips to answer your questions in seconds, not minutes or hours.

Simple elegant solution

Since the beginning of direct billing, there have been rejections, audits, and clawbacks. Billing errors cost not only time and frustration, but errors also cost money. The pharmacy profession never sleeps, and as a result, we are open when most adjudicators are closed. With RxBG at your fingertips, you can have a double check on a Saturday night. Rx Billing Genie has included a comment section so we can communicate with other users and share our knowledge.  Together we can improve our work environment and help each other.

What are fellow pharmacy colleagues saying?

Farah J. Rph: Having used Rx Billing Genie, I can honestly say that it has not only saved time but also headaches and stress of not having to call third parties. Don’t hesitate to buy this app if you are a pharmacist, regulated technician, assistant, or owner. It will allow you to better serve your patients and provide excellent customer care.”

Kennedy B RPhT: “I originally felt overwhelmed by 3rd party billing. Too many rules and codes to remember! RxBG is the perfect app that stores all the information in one spot. It saves me and my patients’ time. I’m definitely going to keep using Rx Billing Genie.”

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