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You should visit your Denturist regularly to ensure your denture(s) continue to fit correctly and you’re maintaining optimum oral health.

Denturists are self regulated professionals who play an essential role in the oral health care team and can ensure a beautiful and healthy smile for years to come. You do not require a referral from another oral health care professional to see a Denturist, so the access to care is easy.


Why See a Denturist?

When tooth loss occurs, no matter the reason, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, which can have a negative effect on your overall health. Tasks that use to come easy such as talking, smiling and chewing now leave you wondering if you will every regain what used to feel natural.

This is where a Denturist can help, Denturists specialize in the design and fabrication of all types of denture prostheses. You will receive custom fitted denture(s) fabricated by a Denturist, using the most advanced denture technology, that will improve your self-esteem and restore your confidence.

Denturists have laboratories in their clinics, so most of the laboratory work is performed on the premises to ensure the quality of care is consistent and personal.

Denturists work directly with you during, for some, what is a difficult time to offer their treatment plan options, support and compassion. This truly creates the one-on-one patient and practitioner relationship, building the trust required to ensure the best possible treatment plan outcome.

The Importance of Denture Maintenance

It is important for denture wearers to remove and clean their dentures regularly as proper cleaning of the denture and the gums is essential for your overall health. Ideally, your denture(s) should be cleaned after every meal in lukewarm water. They should be cleaned over a basin of water or damp towel to avoid breakage in case they are dropped, using a denture brush and a good denture cleaner. It is advisable to avoid gritty pastes or powders, as their repeated use may damage the denture(s).

And remember, your Denturist can also polish and/or deep clean your denture(s), should the everyday effects of food and beverage begin to dull their appearance.

As with natural teeth, your denture(s) wear and stain over time and your oral tissues also change over time; therefore, your denture(s) may require adjusting, relining or replacing periodically. Denturists are trained to observe and detect any abnormalities or conditions in your oral cavity; wherein they would refer you to the appropriate specialist,  if required. So, it is wise to see your Denturist regularly to maintain your oral health and fit/function of your denture(s).

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