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Empowering Canadian Seniors with Digital Support and Financial Literacy Initiatives

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Do you have an older friend or family member who could benefit from support in using their computer, tablet, or smartphone?

Digital Literacy and Technology Support for Older Adults

Technology is evolving rapidly and more seniors and older adults across Canada are feeling as though they need help with staying digitally literate. Connected Canadians, a national nonprofit organization, is on a mission to empower Canada’s growing senior population by offering free digital skills training and support to Canadian seniors and older adults. With a learner-centered approach, the organization tackles isolation and loneliness among older adults by helping to facilitate connections with friends, loved ones, and community through technology while equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to access crucial services.

Support for Older Adults with Online Banking and eCommerce

As Canada’s senior population continues to grow, so does the digital divide, affecting access to vital services and the ability to connect with friends and family. The COVID-19 pandemic served as an important reminder that many Canadian older adults lack the essential digital skills required to navigate the online world effectively. Government agencies, healthcare providers, and organizations have shifted their services to online platforms, making digital skills essential for tasks like accessing healthcare information, scheduling appointments, managing prescriptions, and engaging in telemedicine. Additionally, online banking, e-commerce, and digital government services have become commonplace, necessitating digital skills for seniors to access these critical services.

With support from TD through the TD Ready Commitment, the bank’s corporate citizenship platform, Connected Canadians is able to offer specialized support to Canadian seniors and older adults with online banking and e-commerce activities to bridge the gap between digital and financial literacy. Now, Canadian seniors can also receive free support from Connected Canadians to confidently navigate online banking and e-commerce activities. Through this collaboration, we can build an inclusive, digitally empowered society that benefits people of all ages.

For more information about Connected Canadians, their services, and how your community can get involved, please visit connectedcanadians.ca.

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