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For many women, the emotional fallout from a cancer diagnosis is often as jarring as the disease itself. While medical treatments are an obvious priority, the emotional and psychological needs of patients are just as important, even though they are easily overlooked.

In fact, participating in a supportive program has real, lasting benefits. A 2017 research study found support programs such as Look Good Feel Better® (LGFB) result in a significant reduction of depressive symptoms and an improvement in self-esteem for women going through cancer treatment.

Gaining control

Amirlyn Hadjirul
Amirlyn after her Look Good Feel Better workshop at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Look Good Feel Better helps women and teens manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment to feel more like themselves again. The workshops, held across Canada and led by a team of volunteer experts, offer tools and techniques on cosmetic hygiene, makeup tips, wig selections and skincare treatments to encourage positive mental health and well-being.

“The medical treatments, while life-saving, can really bring you to your knees,” explains Amirlyn Hadjirul, a cancer survivor and participant of the LGFB workshop. “Oftentimes, the impact of the changes in physical appearance is something that goes unnoticed. That’s why the workshops are so powerful — they boost our confidence and give us a sense of control to help us manage the rest of our treatment journey.”

Healing through community

The power of LGFB results in offering a place of connectivity and community for women facing a similar diagnosis.

“I gathered strength just by seeing the grace and dignity of these wonderful women on their own journeys,” Amirlyn recalls.

She encourages every woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, or knows someone who is, to learn more about this vital programming in supportive care by visiting Look Good Feel Better.

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