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Advancements In Cancer Care And Rare Disease

How to Advocate for Better Bladder Cancer Care

Ferg Devins
Ferg Devins

Almost 9,000 people are newly diagnosed with bladder cancer each year and over 80,000 survivors of the disease are currently living in Canada. It is the fourth most prevalent cancer for men and twelfth for women.

Ferg Devins, a survivor of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and the volunteer Chair of the Board of Directors at Bladder Cancer Canada, speaks on why patients are their own best advocates.

Mediaplanet: How important is it for patients to be advocates?

Ferg Devins: It is extremely important as patients live with the disease and have the most authentic voices to call for support. Patient advocacy puts real lives and experience at stake.

What can patients do to advocate for better treatments?

Patients can work with their medical teams to gain access to the best treatments. They can also work and align with Bladder Cancer Canada to form a strong coast-to-coast voice in the fight against the disease.

How can patients get involved in raising awareness and fundraising?

Patients can network, share social media posts and information, and engage in our discussion forums and patient education meetings. Patients and their support network can also participate in our annual Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk in September.

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