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Immunization Awareness

New Campaign Boosts Health Here at Home and around the World

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Molly Yang

Director of Pharmacy Innovation & Professional Affairs, Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners

The latest vaccine initiative from Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners solidifies their longstanding commitment to support adult immunization – in Canada and beyond.

Now more than ever, immunization plays a key role in maintaining global health and hindering the spread of infections. As was made evident during the COVID-19 Pandemic and through recent measles outbreaks, diseases can now spread across the globe at staggering rates. Vaccination must continue to be a focus in local and global communities alike.


As many as one in four Canadians are missing or are unsure if they (or their child) have missed a routine vaccine. “There are also non-routinely funded, recommended vaccines that many Canadians are unaware they would benefit from,” says Molly Yang, Director of Pharmacy Innovation and Professional Affairs at Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners. “We hope to continue to provide vaccine education to protect Canadians and their loved ones from preventable diseases. It is important to ask your local pharmacist about all the vaccines recommended for you.”

Vaccines going further

A Canada-wide pharmacy banner, Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners has been providing expert clinical, purchasing, and operations support to independent pharmacies since 2016. Immunization has always been a major focus – they aim to educate and empower pharmacists and patients to boost vaccination rates within every community.

The next evolution of their vaccine initiatives is Dose4Dose, which demonstrates their commitment to protecting Canadians and now also global communities. Led by their head office, this non-profit campaign will donate up to 30,000 essential childhood measles, tetanus, and polio vaccines to UNICEF Canada. Their aim is to improve access to life-saving vaccines – which one in five children worldwide do not have.

How to help

“Through Dose4Dose, we have the ability to pair these local actions with global giving,” explains Dean Miller, President of Wholehealth. “Each dose of an eligible vaccine will result in a 1:1 donation.”

With over 200 Wholehealth pharmacies participating in Dose4Dose nationwide, “Canadians can participate in Dose4Dose by getting an HPV, Meningitis B, Pneumonia, Shingles, or RSV vaccine at a Wholehealth if they are eligible,” Yang adds. “Our goals are to continue to protect Canadians while also addressing vaccination gaps and fostering global health.”

Canadians can also participate by completing online educational quizzes which will be administered through their non-profit partner, I Boost Immunity. Keep an eye out for these on the Dose4Dose website throughout the campaign.

To learn more about vaccine-preventable diseases or find your nearest participating pharmacy, visit

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