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Sherif Guorgui, Co-CEO and Chief Strategy, Stakeholder & Government Relations Officer, OnPharm-United

Sherif Guorgui

Co-CEO/Chief Strategy, Stakeholder & Government Relations Officer, OnPharm-United

The past year has certainly been a challenging one for all Canadians. This year feels extra special as we shift from Pharmacy Awareness Month to Pharmacy Appreciation Month — a much-deserved and timely change, as we’re certainly far past the awareness phase. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in some way, and never has the unique value of community pharmacy to the health care system been as evident.

Since the onset of the pandemic, pharmacy professionals have been working diligently on the front lines, putting their own, and their families’, health at risk to serve their patients and communities. With most Canadians visiting their local pharmacy more than their doctor’s office, pharmacy played a key role in providing access to critical clinical services, COVID-19 asymptomatic testing, flu shots, and now COVID-19 vaccinations.

Independent pharmacies have relieved tremendous pressure from the rest of the health care system and have demonstrated why they’re always at the heart of their communities. As the government continues to look for effective ways to maintain the sustainability of the health care system during the pandemic and beyond, it’s imperative to include independent pharmacies as part of the solution. Happy Pharmacy Appreciation Month!

OnPharm-United was created in 2018 by a merger between OnPharm (founded in 2010) and United Pharma Group (founded in 2014), bringing together two of the fastest growing networks of independent pharmacies in Canada. The OnPharm-United network includes 600 pharmacies in Ontario. The network also includes pharmacies in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Learn more at https://www.onpharmunited.ca/

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