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How the New TAPTYPE Tool Is Revolutionizing Patient Care

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Dr. Victor Youssef

Family Physician, Founder and CEO of TAPTYPE

TAPTYPE is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way medical professionals handle their patients’ encounters and streamlining their workflows.

They say that the best innovations are the simplest ones and the strongest inventions are born in crisis — seeking to solve a problem that the creator personally struggled with. Both of these maxims ring true when it comes to TAPTYPE, a dynamic new online tool designed to support health care practitioners with patient assessment and documentation. The tool empowers practitioners, pharmacists, and patients alike and helps to alleviate physician burnout by making patient assessment and documentation quicker, easier, and more accurate than ever.


And TAPTYPE was created by a practitioner — Dr. Victor Youssef, a family physician based in Oakville, Ont. As the founder and CEO of TAPTYPE, Dr. Youssef is dedicated to helping practitioners avoid the challenges he faced within his own practice.

Alleviating physician burnout

“As a family physician, I spent a lot of time on documentation,” says Dr. Youssef. “Despite this, and the fact that I’m a fast typist and great with technology, more often than not I wasn’t satisfied with the time I spent on documentation and the quality of the documentation. As an insider, I had a vision for a better solution.”

As an insider, I had a vision for a better solution.

The solution was TAPTYPE, which aims to transform medical assessment and documentation into a seamless and standardized experience. In reducing the burden of administrative tasks, TAPTYPE helps alleviate physician burnout, an increasingly prevalent issue which leads to decreased job satisfaction, increased stress levels, and a potential impact on patient care.

TAPTYPE features an easy click-through interface — no typing, dictation, or voice transcription required. “The result is better documentation and saved time,” says Dr. Youssef. It also features built-in comprehensive and customizable medical questionnaires, which contribute to enhanced clinical documentation.

Elevating the quality of care

TAPTYPE allows patients to input their symptoms before appointments (with family assistance if needed), saving time during appointments and allowing for more in-depth conversations with health care practitioners. By streamlining documentation processes and involving patients upfront, TAPTYPE enables physicians to focus on meaningful patient interactions and to provide higher-quality care. “It’s a win-win for the patient and the physician,” says Dr. Youssef.

TAPTYPE offers an array of powerful features tailored to meet the unique needs of health care providers. Besides the pre-built medical questionnaires (which span various specialties and conditions), it also includes a streamlined triage and intake process and standardized SOAP notes to ensure consistency and clarity in patient documentation. “With TAPTYPE, practitioners can save time while improving the clinical work and increasing patient and physician satisfaction of the work they’re doing,” says Dr. Youssef. And while TAPTYPE was created firstly for general practitioners, as they see the broadest range of issues, it can be customized for more specialized practitioners.

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