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The Skin We're In (2021)

Sensitive Skin Care with Allana Davison

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Photos by Katherine Holland @thekittyholland www.katherineholland.ca

Allana Davison, a Toronto-based content creator and blogger, discusses her struggles and tips for sensitive skin.

What is the most empowering tip someone has ever given you about skin care?

LESS IS MORE! I have extremely sensitive skin and spent years seeing these elaborate  20+ product skincare routines from people online and always thought that this was the standard. This, plus purchasing and using an endless rotation of new products was doing more harm than good for my skin. Other than masks and fun extras, I now try to keep my daily skincare routine to the bare minimum so as to not overwhelm my skin! You don’t need to keep up with Joneses in your skincare routine – do what works for you. 

What is your advice to people living with sensitive skin?

Take your time and be patient with your skincare routine! It takes a lot of trial and error when determining what products work best for your skin, but once you do, it’s so worth it. If you have sensitive skin but aren’t sure what’s causing it, start with trying to avoid the common irritating ingredient suspects in your products: strong acids, heavy fragrance, etc. Don’t be afraid to go to a pro for advice if you want answers!

What is your advice for transitioning from winter skin care to summer skin care?

I usually like to switch up my heavier moisturizers to something lighter, and then amping up all of the warm glow! Adding a tinted sunscreen that can double as your coverage AND sun protection is my favourite light and glowing base for summer! The Supergoop glow screen and the Elta MD tinted sunscreen are amazing options for this look. 

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