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Supporting Canadian Caregivers

Kidney Cancer Canada – We’re Here To Help Caregivers Too!

Kidney Cancer effects approximately 8000 people a year in Canada. To date there is no known cure, but new treatment options offer hope and can prolong life, providing patients more quality time with family and friends.

Having walked the walk for 12 1/2 years of caregiving for my husband, David, I can honestly say I experienced a whole spectrum of thoughts, emotions, physical and mental challenges, failures, and successes. If you speak with a caregiver, you will soon learn that they often feel that they are alone. 


Research has proven that caregivers experience risk to their physical and mental health while managing multiple roles as primary carer, with family, work, and social demands. 

Family members are not prepared or trained to be caregivers nor have all the necessary toolsto deal with all the demands of cancer treatment. They need support, which is not easily accessed. 

Experts in supportive care express caregiversneed information, facts and understanding. Every time there is a change in condition there is added stress. Clear expectations, as well as guidance, counselling options, direction, and tools to helpmake important and daily decisions are needed.

One positive discovery that saved my sanity, my health and eased the depth of my pain was finding Kidney Cancer Canada. Feeling embraced by kidney cancer patients, other caregivers and concerned, dedicated people, gave me a place to source out information to educate myself on kidney cancer and its treatment options. I had found a safe place to land where my issues and challenges were understood. It gave me hope to continue. 

It is normal for caregivers to feel overwhelmed, fearful, exhausted, even helpless sometimes… Please know it is important to reach out for support. Many health facilities offer support services – ask the health care team. Kidney Cancer Canada can also provide contact information of support services available across Canada. They also offer patients and caregivers peer support, conducted by trained volunteers, who are situationally matched with the caregiver requesting support.

A key highlight is the extensive Kidney Cancer Canada video knowledge library found on our website,featuring 2-minute video clips by Canadian kidney cancer specialists, answering questions that patients and caregivers have asked over the years.

Decision aids and guides on a variety of topics provide information and questions, reviewed by health care professionals, to help lead the patient or caregiver to the best decision.

Virtual coffee chats are held monthly in English and French providing a safe place to share experiences, learn new information and be among others in like situations. 

Webinars and an annual forum are organized for patients and caregivers. The presenting urologists and oncologists are doctors who specialize in kidney cancer across Canada. 

If you or someone you know has received a diagnosis of kidney cancer, please tell them about Kidney Cancer Canada. We are here to help. We can be reached at [email protected] or 1-866-598-7166.

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