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The Skin We're In (2021)

Taking Care of Your Skin Is Not Only Important But Necessary

sarah jeffery header revised
sarah jeffery header revised
Photo courtesy of Jenna Berman. Makeup artist: Min-Jee Mowat.

W Network’s Charmed star, Sarah Jeffery is a big advocate for skin health and skin care. As an actress, she opens up about her skin concerns, shares tips on skin care, and what her focus is when it comes to summer skin care.

Why is skin care a priority for you?

Skin care is a priority for me for more than one reason. I first got into skin care because in my line of work, I wear a lot of makeup all day every day. I get touch ups every 20 or so minutes, and it really piles up. I found that if I wasn’t cleansing my skin of all that build up at the end of the day, I would break out, and then it becomes sort of a vicious cycle. Since my first steady job on screen at 16, I’ve learned more and more about what works for my skin and what does not. Skin care has now become ritualistic for me, relaxing, and truly a time I love to spend with myself. So ultimately skin care is a priority for me for practical reasons but also for personal reasons.

Do you have any major problems or concerns when it comes to your skin?

As I mentioned above, I do break out from time to time from the excessive makeup, but it’s so much better when I’m diligently double cleansing my skin and caring for it. I also have struggled with hyperpigmentation, which only gets worse when I have a breakout because I have a tendency to pick at my skin (which is so important to try to avoid doing!), and then those spots can scar and stay around much longer than they would’ve if I had left it alone. I find products with Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid really helps brighten those spots up, and a gentle chemical exfoliant, like Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, is also super helpful to even out skin tone.

Why is it important to switch up your routine for the summer?

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I love summer because I think it’s the perfect time to show off glowing skin. One thing I tell everyone who will listen to me, is that it’s absolutely crucial to wear sunscreen, even when it’s not summer. But when those UV rays become more intense, it’s even more essential. My suggestion to those who still want a sun kissed look for the summer, is to grab a tanning facial mist or tanning drops. I LOVE the Isle Of Paradise self tanning drops in Medium. You add a few drops to your daily moisturizer and wake up the next day with a lovely faux-tan. Also, I love to make sure my skin is ultra moisturized in the summer so that when I’m makeup free, my skin is still dewy and plump. Glossier’s FutureDew oil serum hybrid is beautiful on the skin for a no makeup day.

What is one product you can’t live without?

That’s so hard! I would have to say a super moisturizing SPF. Gotta keep the skin safe. In second place I would say an oil cleanser because it doesn’t strip my skin and it really takes off all my makeup.

Do you have any tips for someone who may be struggling with their skin?

I know it is SO hard, but try to just love your skin, imperfections and all. Positive self talk is so effective. I’m still working on it, but I’ve found that years of being in front of a camera has taught me to value what’s inside. Confidence has to come from within, and it will undoubtedly shine outwards as well.

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