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Blood Health

Hillary McKibbin, right, with her sister.

Thousands of Canadians live with common and rare blood disorders, and each should be empowered — and educated — to make their own decisions when it comes to treatment and wellness outcomes. Blood Health highlights patients’ stories, advances in transplantation medicine, and key associations in today’s blood-related health care landscape.

Hundreds of Patients Like Hillary Need a Stem Cell Donor

Kelly McKibbin believes everyone deserves a life-saving bone marrow transplant — including her daughter, Hillary. Learn about stem cell donation.

Stem Cell Donors Could Be Someone’s Hope for Life

Every year, hundreds of Canadians need life-saving stem cell transplants, and most rely on the generosity of an unrelated donor. Learn how can you help.

Is Canada Prepared to Cure Rare Blood Disorders?

The ultimate dream is to find a cure, and now, it may be a possibility for many blood disorder patients. But is Canada prepared to make cures accessible?

Stem Cell Therapy Is Saving Lives, But Not Everything Using That Name Is Legitimate

As legitimate stem cell therapy research flourishes, Canadians need to be wary of charlatans with miracle cures; here’s how to spot the real thing.

Fast Forward the Future

BCREGMED teams up with UBC’s School of Biomedical Engineering to discuss the advancements in regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

We Need the Research to Cure Blood Cancers

Breaking medical ground is impossible without years of research to lay the groundwork — research which requires significant funding from programs like LLSC.

Ensuring Timely Intervention for BMT Complications

Bone marrow transplantation (BMT) saves lives and has many benefits, but it’s also crucial to understand the potentially threatening complications.

My Blood, My Health — A Simple Test Can Put You Ahead of the Game

As Canadians, hockey is in our blood, but on-ice legends Paul Henderson and Kerry Fraser understand all too well that blood also holds clues to our health.

Canadian MPN Research Foundation Aims to Find a Cure for Progressive Blood Cancers

When someone says blood cancer, you may immediately think of leukemia, but there are many types of blood cancer that are not as well known.

New Therapies Help Canadians Living with Hemophilia Lead Full, Active Lives

Learn the basics about hemophilia and what treatment options are available to Canadians who live with this rare, hereditary blood disorder.

Blood Clot Awareness Could Save Your Life

Blood clots are serious business, but luckily, Thrombosis Canada’s handy C-L-O-T-S campaign highlights their urgent warning signs.

Swab The World: When Friendship Saves Lives

What started as a terrible cancer story became a life-saving project thanks to the unstoppable drive of two friends, Mai Duong and Christiane Rochon.

The Heroes of the Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society

The legacy of Cst. Bruce Denniston lives on as retired RCMP officers volunteer their time to transport life-saving bone marrow transplant materials.

Transplantation: The Story of My Blood Brother

The beautiful story of a stem cell donor and a match, and the lifelong friendship that it began. Learn about the effects bone marrow transplants can have.

Should You Bank Your Cord Blood?

Mediaplanet caught up with Elias Kalouche, Vice President of Progenics to learn about what private cord blood banking is, and how it can benefit you.

Sickle Cell Disease’s Only Known Cure Needs More Research Funding

Learn why the Bell family has been advocates to spread the word about their experiences with Sickle Cell Disease and why others should choose CHOA BMT.

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