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Digestive Wellness

Larry Nance Jr
Larry Nance Jr
Original photo by Erik Drost and is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Digestive Wellness educates readers on the importance of the role our gut plays in our body’s overall function and the tools, resources, and products available to maintain a healthy gut.

People with IBD Need Extra Support During the Pandemic

Amidst the pandemic, chronic disease sufferers are experiencing additional challenges. Fortunately, organizations like Crohn’s and Colitis Canada can help.

Bowel Disease in the NBA: Larry Nance Jr.’s Fight with Crohn’s

NBA player Larry Nance Jr. discusses his experiences with Crohn’s disease and his foundation, Athletes vs. Crohn’s and Colitis.

Is it IBS or IBD? A Simple Stool Test Zeroes in on the Answer

LifeLabs’ Fecal Calprotectin stool test lets patients and practitioners confidently rule out inflammatory causes for chronic diarrhea.

Fernando Pisani Speaking Out About Colitis

Mediaplanet spoke with retired NHL player Fernando Pisani about his life with colitis and raising awareness for others who may be suffering in silence.

A Healthy Gut = A Healthier You

Did you know that your digestive tract is home to trillions of bacteria, collectively called your gut microbiota, that help keep you well?

Why You Need Bitters in Your Life

Heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and bloating are common symptoms of sluggish digestion — and there’s a simple, natural remedy available: bitters.

How to Get a Healthy Gut with Detoxing

Feeling sluggish and out of sorts, or carrying around some extra weight? It might be time to give your body some well-deserved TLC with a herbal detox.

Do You Know How to Balance Your GI Tract?

Understanding the balance needed to maintain a healthy GI tract is especially important with cold and flu season coming up.

Is Gluten a Problem? It Could Be Celiac Disease.

Many symptoms can delay diagnoses of celiac disease, causing illness and serious complications. If you suspect celiac, know its signs and steps to take.

Gluten-Free Pasta So Good You Can’t Tell the Difference

Italian company Barilla’s gluten-free pasta is made of high-quality ingredients and offers many health benefits for people suffering from digestive concerns.

Be Proactive to Improve Your Digestive Health

NutriThrive Health Services in Mississauga, ON, provides a personalized blueprint for managing digestive conditions and reducing colon cancer risk.

Colorectal Cancer: Not an Old Person’s Disease

Young people are often diagnosed with colorectal cancer at later stages because most people don’t expect it to develop at a young age — but it does.

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