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Empowering Aging Canadians

darryl sittler lp
darryl sittler lp

The Empowering Aging Canadians campaign aims to create an open dialogue about how embracing age can improve quality of life. 1 in 3 Canadians is over the age of 55, with 1 in 5 aged 65+, making this Canada’s largest population group.

Q&A With Toronto Maple Leafs Legend Darryl Sittler

Inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1989, Darryl Sittler is the only player in NHL history to score 10 points in a single game.

Good News for Canadians: Our Age-Tech Sector Is on an Upward Swing

AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network has brought bright minds together to deliver new technologies — to support older adults.

Precision Oncology Trials Will Improve Outcomes for Canadian Cancer Patients

COVID-19 has led to diagnosis of patients with more advanced cancers. Targeted treatments will help Canada tackle this challenge.

I Can’t, I’m Too Old – and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Aging is inevitable, but getting older doesn’t have to be.

Stay Active, Age Well

The simplest pill to age well is to be physically and mentally active and to maintain an optimal diet so as to keep your body healthy.

How Nancy Greene Raine Stays Active, Youthful, and Healthy

As a former Olympic champion skier and Canadian Senator, Nancy Greene Raine shares her best tips for a healthy aging lifestyle.

Opioid Poisoning Is Often Accidental — Have You Protected Yourself?

Canadians aged 65 and older have the highest rates of hospitalization due to accidental opioid poisoning.

Through Heart to Home Meals, Seniors Can Experience the Beauty of Aging

Heart to Home Meals introduces a food delivery service with the lifestyle and nutritional needs of seniors in minds.

Ambient Remote Care Offerings Are a Win-Win for ISPs, Seniors, and Caregivers

Modern technology like WiFi sensing help to invisibly maintain seniors’ freedom, and privacy while offering caregivers peace of mind.

How C.A.R.P. Is Fighting for the Rights of Canadians As We Age

C.A.R.P. is an association for older Canadians promoting equitable access to health care, financial security, and freedom from ageism.

Together, We Can Combat Ageism

Combating ageism, the way we think and act towards others based on age must be at the heart of a new narrative about growing older.

Why Pre-Planning Your Final Arrangements Just Makes Sense

In 2020, one-third of Canadians said they had broached subjects surrounding end-of-life planning.

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