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Future of Health Care

health care technology
health care technology

The Future of Health Care campaign aims to advocate for better digital health infrastructure, break barriers between patients and access, and promote a more personalized approach to patient-centred care to enhance the quality of life.

When It Comes to Prostate Cancer, Awareness and Early Diagnosis Save Lives

After adopting a healthy lifestyle and losing over 50 pounds, Charlie Taylor was in the best shape of his life — but then he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Decentralized Diagnostics Is the Future of Health Care in Canada

From COVID-19 diagnoses to other disease testing, technology can power and foster better patient outcomes and alleviate pressure on health care professionals.

How One Canadian Company Is Changing the Way We Treat Chronic Pain

Pathway Health, one of the largest providers of pain management in Canada and the largest medical cannabis service provider in the country, uses a comprehensive approach to care.

COVID-19 Taught Us the Power of Collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us what’s possible when the relationship between industry and government is founded in cooperation and focused on common goals.

How Digital Front Doors Can Improve the Health Care System

Digital health technology leader, Orion Health, provides consumers with everything they need to manage their health and well-being, right at their fingertips.

Students Are Making a Difference in the Bio-economy

To assist students and graduates in these difficult times, BioTalent Canada has expanded its wage subsidies beyond the bioscience industry to include the wider health care industry.

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