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Lung Health and Infectious Disease

Illustrarion of two doctors inspecting a pair of lungs
Illustrarion of two doctors inspecting a pair of lungs

Cold, flu, pneumonia, and now, COVID-19: these infectious lung conditions affect people nationwide — and you don’t have to be a smoker, elderly, or sedentary to experience one. Learn how to prevent and manage infectious lung conditions while addressing common misconceptions and reducing stigmas.

During the Pandemic, We All Need One Less Thing to Worry About

These are anxious times, but the Lung Health Foundation is highlighting one simple choice you can make for some peace of mind: getting your flu shot.

Battling Indifference in the War Against COVID-19

We now understand that hand hygiene and disinfection of commonly-touched surfaces reduce our chance of picking up COVID-19, influenza, and the common cold.

Antibiotics May Cure Infections, but They Also Kill Beneficial Microbes

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to help combat infections, which can have negative effects on the intestinal microbiota.

How to Find Your Probiotic Match — and Why It’s Important

Taking the wrong probiotic is like taking pain killers to prevent pregnancy: it won’t work. Learn how science plays a vital role in your probiotic decision.

Dear Canadian Smokers: Please Follow Britain’s Guidance

British authorities have consistently told smokers the truth about vaping since 2011. Dr. Brad Rodu explains the significance of this to Canadian smokers.

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