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Managing Diabetes

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Photo courtesy of Tina Turnbow

The Managing Diabetes campaign aims to educate and empower Canadians affected by diabetes on the resources available to help them navigate their condition and advocate for their own healthcare.

Why Every Action Makes a Difference This Diabetes Awareness Month

We all play a role in ending diabetes. No matter how big or small, every action makes a difference.

Sanofi Canada Is Invested in Improving the Lives of People with Diabetes

Sanofi Canada’s focus on the patient experience and innovative way of working aim to achieve the best outcomes for Canadians living with diabetes.

Exploring the Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Disease

Dr. Shelley Zieroth discusses actions that T2D patients can take to help prevent heart disease.

Despite Diabetes, the Show Must Go On for Lea DeLaria

We spoke to the Orange Is the New Black star about how her life has changed following her diagnosis and how she balances her diabetes journey and career in show business.

How Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Can Improve Diabetes Management

For people living with diabetes, monitoring glucose levels is one of the most important steps in managing the disease.

Why Regular Hearing Assessments Are Crucial for People With Diabetes

Early detection of hearing loss is an important first step in hearing care for those living with diabetes.

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