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Oral Health

Oral Health header 2
Oral Health header 2

Did you know that your oral health also has an effect on your overall health? With links to conditions like heart disease and diabetes, it’s important that you pay special attention to your — and your family’s — oral hygiene. Get the top tips for keeping clean in Oral Health.

Taking Care of Your Teeth with the Singing Dentist

We chatted with Dr. Milad Shadrooh, dentist and social media sensation, about the importance of oral health and how to take better care of your teeth.

Did You Know? Oral Health Is Essential for Total Health

Did you know that what happens in your mouth may also impact your overall health? Visit your dental hygienist and maintain good oral hygiene habits.

The Best Anti-Aging Tips From an Expert

Toronto-based women’s health and wellness expert Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, of PearlMD Rejuvenation, shares her top tips on how to look and feel your best.

Brush Your Way to a Whiter, Healthier Smile

The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean rechargeable toothbrush is clinically proven reach deep between teeth for an exceptionally clean feeling.

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