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Supporting Aging Canadians

Illustration of an elderly woman helping an elderly man walk. Both are smiling.
Illustration of an elderly woman helping an elderly man walk. Both are smiling.

Older adults are one of Canada’s most powerful demographics. Learn about the tools available to help them live their best lives, and about the issues that most affect them, in Supporting Aging Canadians.

Technology and Aging in This Moment of Crisis and in the Future

Now more than ever, older Canadians are eager to embrace new technologies — if they have the right tools and support. Learn how AGE-WELL is helping.

Equal Health Access at Every Age: “The Rights of Older Adults Are Human Rights”

Older Canadians are massive contributors to Canada’s social and economic health and will remain so as long as we safeguard their rights.

Happiness for Mom and Dad, Peace of Mind for You!

The new-to-Winnipeg Nurse Next Door Home Care Services provides an option for out-of-town family seeking quality supportive care for their aging parent.

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Now What?

Parkinson Canada advocates for access to excellent Parkinson’s care, treatment options, and research funding. Together we’ll find hope for your future.

Don’t Treat Us Last Just Because of Our Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

To help the medical community approach how to treat people with dementia, the Alzheimer Society of Canada convened the COVID-19 and Dementia Task Force.

Eating Well Is Easier and Safer for Seniors with Meal Delivery

The meal delivery service Heart to Home Meals offers seniors peace of mind, convenience, and nutritious food by delivering cooked meals, contactless.

COVID-19 Crisis Shows the Urgent Need for Seniors’ Advocacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted critical issues affecting seniors’ care, health, and safety. CARP invites you to build a better future — together.

Connected Canadians Is Offering More Support to Seniors During This Time

In addition to their regular free technical support offerings, Connected Canadians has established several programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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