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The Future Of Medical Technology

The Future Of Medical Technology

A guide to medical technology and innovations in health care.

A Message from Medtech Canada

As the leading medical association representing the medical technology industry in Canada, we asked Medtech Canada for their statement on COVID-19 as we felt it was important to educate the public on this pandemic.

Innovative Therapies Offer Options for Heart Failure Patients

Read about the innovative heart failure therapies that are improving survival rates and quality of life, especially for patients in more advanced stages.

MRTs: At the Forefront of Canadian Health Care

It takes specialized health care professionals to harness the full power of technology and apply it to improve outcomes for patients.

How the Right Glucose Meter Helped This Woman Live Her Best Life

Freda Labianca was no stranger to diabetes, but when the busy mom and blogger was diagnosed with it herself 11 years ago, it still came as a shock.

Innovation Adoption in the Time of COVID-19 — And After

As we rush to improve access to technologies and treatments for COVID-19, our health care system is quickly embracing demand-side innovation policies.

Accelerating Innovation by Providing Access to Clinical Settings

Health innovation and entrepreneurship face multiple challenges, but providing access to clinical settings can encourage the development of innovative technologies and improve the overall system

Mitigating the Risk of Mismanaged Head Injuries

Recognizing that mismanaged concussions can lead to life-long consequences, the goal of HeadCheck Health’s tools is to prevent mismanagement and champion better outcomes.

Real Time, Virtual Support For Health Professionals: An Ideal State In Digital Emergency Medicine

As digital technologies rapidly evolves, Emergency Medical departments can leverage virtual capabilities to provide better resources and knowledge sharing for professionals, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

How Medtech Could Help Improve Patient Outcomes

With a rapidly changing medical technology environment, Canadians are accessing innovative solutions that improve their overall wellness outcomes. Heart failure patients are no exception.

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