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Women’s Brain Health

african american woman brain health
african american woman brain health

The Women’s Brain Health campaign aims to educate Canadians on the neurological conditions that affect women, empower women to learn how to combat these conditions, and provide tips and information about the best ways to protect and manage brain health.

To Jeanne Beker, a Healthy Brain Means a Healthy Life

While Jeanne Beker may be best known for her work in fashion journalism and TV, she’s also an Honourary Board Member of the Women’s Brain Health Initiative (WBHI).

Migraine Affects Women More, and Understanding Why Is Important

Women suffer disproportionately from migraine, but understanding how to manage the condition can make a world of difference.

Collaboration Is Key to Help Manage Migraines in the Workplace

Employers and employees can work together to find accommodations that help employees continue to work and be successful.

From Denial to Acceptance: Catherine’s Journey with MS

A strong, supportive community helps those affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) feel empowered — improving the management of the disease.

catherine multiple sclerosis
Catherine with her husband and their daughters, Arden and Grayson.

For Gaby Mammone, Positivity Is Key in Her Journey with MS

At the age of 30, Gaby Mammone was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Now, almost 17 years later, she’s an ambassador with the MS Society of Canada.

How Rebecca Van Fraassen Battles SMA Every Day to Live Life to the Fullest

When Rebecca Van Fraassen was two years old she was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare genetic disorder.

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