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World Hemophilia Day

Held annually on April 17th, World Hemophilia Day is an international awareness day where the bleeding disorders community comes together to raise awareness and bring understanding around bleeding disorders and to celebrate the continuous advances in treatment.

New treatments providing hope to Canadians with hemophilia

Advanced therapies reduce the burden of illness and improve the quality of life for people living with a bleeding disorder.

What if All Rare Diseases Were Treated like Hemophilia?

What is the definition of a rare disease and which drugs should be included under a Canadian Rare Drug Agency? CORD shares their vision for a pathway forward.

Hemophilia: Brief History of Care and Hope for The Future

Hemophilia is a serious inherited bleeding disorder preventing blood from clotting normally. It affects 3,800 Canadians, one-third of whom have the severe form of the disease. Some of them lack a protein called factor VIII; this is hemophilia A. Others lack a protein called factor IX; their disease is called hemophilia B.

Raising Awareness About Women with Bleeding Disorders

Mediaplanet connected with thought leaders Natalie Philbert, Amy Griffith, and Dr. Paula James who shared their insights on women with bleeding disorders.

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