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A Message from Medtech Canada

A woman navigating in the virtual world
A woman navigating in the virtual world
Brian Lewis, CEO of Medtech Canada

Brian Lewis

CEO of Medtech Canada

The health and well-being of Canadians is of the utmost importance to Medtech Canada. The Canadian medical technology industry has been working around the clock to ramp up production, develop new innovative solutions and collaborate with our government and health system partners to fight the pandemic and help provide our healthcare heroes on the frontlines with the technologies and supplies they need to save lives. Whether it be diagnostic tests that enable the diagnosis of disease, personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line health care workers or respiratory support equipment that aids in the healing of the sick, medtech companies in a variety of different product areas have taken significant actions to play a role in fighting COVID-19.

As the association representing Canada’s medical technology (medtech) companies, Medtech Canada has seen the many measures that have been taken by medtech companies since this pandemic started in Canada. The COVID-19 Action Hub website seeks to highlight the latest efforts made by the medical technology industry in Canada to help fight COVID-19.

In addition to directly supporting clinicians in the fight against COVID-19, the medtech industry has also provided a variety of digital health solutions that are enabling the continuity of care for Canadians. For example, remote monitoring technologies are securely providing vital health information to clinicians, while allowing patients to stay in the comfort of their home and reduce potential exposure to the virus. 

The utilization of medical technologies and the adoption of digital health solutions during the pandemic has highlighted the importance of this sector to Canadian health and our economy, and we look forward to continue working with our partners for the benefit of Canadians.

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