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Toluwanimi Faromika, Third-Year UTSC Arts & Science Co-Op Student, Psychology, Work Term at SickKids Hospital

Toluwanimi Faromika

Third-Year UTSC Arts & Science Co-op Student, Psychology, Work Term at SickKids Hospital

Shehnaz Hariff, Fourth-Year UTSC Arts & Science Co-Op Student, Psychology, Work Term at Baycrest

Shehnaz Hariff

Fourth-Year UTSC Arts & Science Co-op Student, Psychology, Work Term at Baycrest

The University of Toronto Scarborough Arts and Science Co-op is partnering with health care organizations to help them find the best, most qualified Co-op students who are ready to make an impact in the health sector.

The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) Arts and Science Co-op is preparing the highest-achieving, most qualified, and most employable students to make an impact in world-class organizations. Taught by global experts in their fields at one of the highest ranked universities in Canada, Arts and Science Co-op students are top-tier students — and future employees.

With best-in-class students, flexible work term lengths, extensive preparation processes, and full-service recruitment operations, the Co-op team works with employers to take on all the heavy lifting, making the success of both the employer and the student a priority.

Students are well-prepared for the workplace

In addition to completing extensive career training courses prior to their work terms including job search, interview, and networking skills, students are trained by experts in their prospective fields to gain an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed for the workplace.

At her time at Baycrest, Shehnaz Hariff, a fourth-year Arts and Science Co-op student, reports, “I was able to translate my knowledge from my courses into a more practical setting. I applied what I had previously learned in class about conducting chart reviews and research-related activities to a real-world setting.”

Third-year Arts and Science Co-op student at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Toluwanimi Faromika says, “I think when you’re learning things in school, it’s hard to imagine how that knowledge can be put into practice in a job.” Arts and Science Co-op helps students to put their in-class education to work within the workplace. “My academics introduced me to a variety of concepts, from bioethics to developmental disorders, which allowed me to be more receptive to the information being discussed and taught in the hospital,” says Faromika.

Arts and Science Co-op students are valuable additions to any organization

Through extensive education and preparation, Arts and Science Co-op ensures that students provide the utmost benefit and professionalism to their work term. Hariff was able to work directly with researchers, clinicians, and stakeholders to make an impact at Baycrest during her psychology work term. “I had several responsibilities including the recruitment and screening of patients for research studies, chart review of patients from the Brain Health Centre Clinics, maintaining online research participant and ethics databases, as well as training the next Co-op student,” she says.

Taking on numerous responsibilities, Hariff made a great impact at Baycrest. According to Roshan Guna, Manager of Research Ethics and Participation at Baycrest, “I was impressed with Shehnaz’s ability to learn and take on responsibility within the department. She understood the significance of her role and maintained maturity and tact when dealing with her clientele group. She provided great support for our team.”

Working on several projects in the Schachar Crosbie Lab at SickKids, Faromika was able to bring a valuable, fresh perspective to her ventures. Clinical Research Project Manager at SickKids Avalon Henry says, “Toluwanimi was lovely to have on our team during her work term as a research assistant at SickKids. Whenever there were any doubts or questions, she would consult the team and find a solution. She took great initiative in her projects and was always a excellent person to bounce ideas off of. She confronted all questions and problems head on and always found a solution.”

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