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Krista Brenner, Recruitment Specialist, CMH

Krista Brenner

Recruitment Specialist, CMH

Exceptional healthcare by exceptional people— this is more than just the Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) vision, it’s what motivates every single staff member to provide an outstanding, patient-centred experience for every person who enters its doors.

CMH proudly provides acute care services to the residents of Cambridge and Waterloo Region. Accredited with exemplary standing, designated as a Best Practice Spotlight Organization by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, and recognized by The Beryl Institute for its commitment to an exceptional patient experience. CMH is a hospital that’s constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of the community. “With double the amount of hires from 2019 to 2020, the last year has been an intense whirlwind of hiring and attracting applicants via virtual career fairs and a massive growth of our CMH LinkedIn presence,” says Krista Brenner, Recruitment Specialist at CMH. “Hiring needs remain an important focus, and we continue to seek passionate applicants to join our team.”

Hiring needs remain an important focus, and we continue to seek passionate applicants to join our team.

Transformation of orientation and onboarding since COVID

As the pandemic escalated, CMH quickly realized the need to completely evolve from what had become the standard practice of orientation and onboarding. The rapid growth of employee hiring combined with social distancing guidelines required a quick, collaborative, and innovative transformation of the onboarding process. In April 2020, Brenner launched CMH’s first-ever virtual New Employee Orientation, and the transformation began.

L – R: Jennifer Theis and Aubrie Graham-Mendoza
L – R: Jennifer Theis and Aubrie Graham-Mendoza

In collaboration with the Nursing Education team, clinical orientation for all Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Personal Support Workers is now held predominantly online, with minimal in-person sessions for hands-on learning. “Our interdisciplinary team rose to the occasion, demonstrating their commitment to providing new hires with a creative, technology-based, virtual orientation in order to keep them safe during this crucial time of learning,” says Jennifer Theis, Clinical Educator Facilitator at CMH.

Being a new person in a new position can be scary, but imagine that person during the pandemic. Our CMH family has been instrumental in mentoring, supporting, and educating new staff and making their onboarding a unified approach.

Aubrie Graham-Mendoza, Clinical Educator Facilitator at CMH

Be part of the CMH vision

Now more than ever, people are passionate about giving back to their communities in a valuable way, so there has never been a better time to enter the healthcare industry. At CMH, you can be part of innovation and a compassionate team at a time where we need you the most!

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