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House Calls Are Making a Comeback

Group of medical staff
Group of medical staff

Daniel Warner

Founder & CEO, MediSeen


Elise Devlin

Vice President of Clinical Strategy, MediSeen

The house call is experiencing a revival, courtesy of digital apps offering patients health care services in the comfort of their home. Presented as a solution to overcrowded clinics and hospital emergency rooms, the vision is to create a seamless experience where patients can efficiently access quality health care services — right at home.

No more wait times

“Canadians are disappointed with wait times. Patients can now receive health care comfortably at home, select who treats them and when, and providers can choose whom they see, when, and where. It’s a win-win for them and the system,” says Daniel Warner, founder and CEO of MediSeen, a secure, digital house call platform, based in Ontario.

“Health care providers, like physicians, can build their own house call practice, by defining their coverage area, and patients can browse and select a provider, with visibility of the services, schedule, languages spoken and more,” Warner explains. Each provider is carefully vetted before joining the network, providing a layer of comfort and security for patients.

A holistic, digital approach

Digitizing the process allows patients to view and download their medical documentation. “This new type of multi-service, secure platform that enables patient access and self-determination doesn’t currently exist in the health care space,” says Elise Devlin, Vice President of Clinical Strategy at MediSeen.

Caregivers, the elderly, or those dealing with complex or chronic conditions may find added convenience in not having to travel for non-emergency care. “Our current health care infrastructure cannot expand or build fast enough to meet the growing demand,” Devlin says. “The only other viable point of care is in the patient’s home.”

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