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Start a new career in a high-demand field, despite the current pandemic. Studying to become a pharmacy assistant is made easy through online classes offered by Medix College.

More than ever before, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of a reliable health care system. Each level of this system is vital, and the demand for excellent patient care
has only increased — particularly for pharmacy assistants.

A pharmacy assistant offers firsthand support to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. They perform key tasks such as filling prescriptions, managing prescription records, and labelling and packaging pharmaceutical products. “Pharmacy assistants must dispense medications extremely accurately,” says Bipin Shah, a pharmacy instructor at Medix College of Healthcare. “They are an integral part of caring for patients.”

Pharmacy assistants must be detail-oriented as they are also responsible for keeping an inventory of prescriptions and compounding medications. They must be passionate about providing excellent customer service. “Assistants are on the front lines, directly helping customers,” says Shah. Pharmacy assistants can work in local pharmacies, home health care facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. “In hospitals, we are now seeing a larger demand for pharmacy assistants,” Shah adds.

Online courses suited to you

A leader in the field of medical education, Medix College has pivoted during the pandemic, providing online courses to ensure current and future students can complete their programs. As restrictions are lifted, in-person and hands-on studies will resume. Students are taught basic anatomy and physiology of the body, as well as how to read, interpret, and dispense drug prescriptions. They also learn about pharmacy legislation and various software programs.

Each level of this system is vital, and the demand for excellent patient care has only increased – particularly for pharmacy patients

Medix College makes it easy for graduates to find a job because their instructors offer constant virtual support, every step of the way. Sally Hayfron is an employment specialist at the school who helps students transition from classroom to field work. “I meet with them 12-8 weeks prior to placements,” she says. “I work with them on their resume and help them look for their pharmacy placements.” Moreover, Medix College makes it possible for anyone to take their courses by offering flexible payment structures and working around people’s schedules. “A lot of our students are parents, or have part time jobs,” says Hayfron. “I work very closely with them to find a placement that accommodates what’s going on in their lives.”

Begin a new career fast

The program is divided into 8 distinct modules, and can be completed in 10 months, followed by a mandatory 240 hours of internship experience. “I would say 8 out of 10 students get jobs at their internship site,” says Shah. The school has a great reputation with pharmacies, due to their students’ professionalism and willingness to learn. “A lot of our students are hired after their placements, even through the pandemic, because this is such an essential service,” says Hayfron.

Alumni and current pharmacy assistant, Niecy, credits her successful career to what she learned at Medix College. She says that the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and the employment department guided students every step of the way. “Sally reached out to all of us, even after graduation. I’m very grateful to Medix College for all the skills, knowledge, and experience that has helped me become an efficient pharmacy assistant.”

Start a new career with Medix College, even during the pandemic. It is time to receive an education that leads to a rewarding job.

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