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Dermetics dermatologists caution not to rely on social media for information on aesthetic treatments and to seek reliable, expert sources.

Whether it’s for work or to stay connected with family and friends, people are spending much of their time video conferencing these days. All of this Zoom time, combined with the popularity of the selfie and social media filters that give influencers flawless skin, are prompting more people to seek improvement through cosmetic procedures.

Mediaplanet spoke with two of Canada’s leading experts in medical aesthetics, dermatologists Dr. Channy Muhn and Dr. Nathan Rosen of Dermetics in Burlington Ontario, to find solutions to Zoom Face and how to feel your best as we emerge from lockdown life.

Dr. Muhn and Dr. Rosen each have four years of medical school; five years of dermatology residency; fellowships in skin cancer surgery, cosmetics and laser procedures; and more than 15 years of clinical practice experience. They are known for delivering impressive, natural results with a friendly, empathetic approach.

As more people seek out cosmetic procedures, what are the most common concerns patients have?

Dr. Rosen: The no. 1 concern patients express is the fear of looking unnatural. It’s not only celebrities who look overdone these days. Many people can think of colleagues, family members or friends who have had a not-so-optimal outcome. One of the things that sets Dermetics apart is our comprehensive consultation process, which ensures that we are a match for the patient and vice versa. We have found that showing a large sampling of our before and after photos during the consultation helps convey our natural aesthetic and lets us determine if our aesthetic is aligned with the patient’s.

Dr. Muhn: The consultation is everything!  This critical time with the patient allows us to understand their concerns and make the appropriate recommendations, based on our thorough analysis. As with everything in medicine, you can only formulate the proper treatment plan if you understand the diagnosis. Our approach to treatments is never transactional.  We strive to develop lifelong relationships with our patients, so it is crucial that we address immediate concerns and also use our clinical and anatomical expertise to determine how we can help slow the aging process as a long-term goal. We make this possible by taking a holistic approach that marries our knowledge of leading technology, skin care and procedures available and using this to formulate and implement an optimized treatment plan for each patient.

With so much influence from social media, how does a patient know who to choose?

Dr. Muhn: Great question! There are certainly benefits to social media and there is a lot of good information out there, but it needs to come from a credible source. Number of followers isn’t a reliable benchmark for skill or experience. There are many people who claim to be experts, but in reality, their training might be limited to a weekend course. Yet, they describe themselves as the queen or king of injectables!  It can be very confusing for the patient.

We urge patients to seek out a dermatologist specialized in medical aesthetics for a consultation, or even a second opinion. We often hear from our patients who had experiences elsewhere that they wish they had come to us sooner. These are medical procedures, involving risk, and should be treated as such.

Dr. Rosen: You don’t need to rely on social media to help make your treatment choices when you come to a clinic like ours. You can give the same paint and canvas to an amateur artist and a master—and the outcome will be vastly different. The same holds true in our realm. The value is in the expertise, credentials and experience of the clinic.

We choose the best of the best when it comes to skin care, technology and treatments, then expertly match them to each individual patient. As an example, we are excited to now be offering innovative treatments like Secret RF for our patients. This new radio frequency microneedling technology helps a wide range of patients and presents a host of benefits from skin revitalization, wrinkle reduction to overall anti-aging.

To learn how the experts at Dermetics can help you put your best face forward, visit or email to book a consultation.

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