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Providing the right care in the right place, so patients can focus on feeling well.

A patient starting a specialty treatment faces a journey that can be confusing and complex. Often, they may experience symptoms for a long time before knowing what is wrong. They must then cope with a life-changing diagnosis and navigate a new world of specialist visits and treatment. However, there are ways to help simplify a patient’s access to specialty care.

In 2001, David Ford, BioScript Solutions co-founder, set up a clinic in his pharmacy on Coverdale Road in New Brunswick. His goal was to provide patients with a safe, comfortable environment to receive specialty medications by infusion or injection in a private clinic setting. Today, there are more than 100 Coverdale Clinics across Canada, run by registered nurses with extensive experience in administering specialty and biologic drugs intravenously, subcutaneously, and intramuscularly. Beyond administering infusions and injections, they add value by carrying out routine bloodwork and other specialty testing. Their national network of pharmacies work closely with their clinics to dispense specialty medications and share their knowledge with patients to help them understand, prepare for, and proceed with treatment.

Patients need someone to be their advocate. Every decision we make in every part of the organization is with the patient in mind and how it will impact the patient and make their experience and their journey better.

Navigating a complex system

“We are focused on helping patients manage their health conditions,” says Marla Pisegna, Strategic Partner Relations, Business Development at BioScript Solutions. “It can be a complex system. In addition to treatment, there is the stress of navigating reimbursement for high-cost drugs and starting treatment at a clinic. Our goal is to help eliminate the complexity and provide comfort.”

Program managers, nurses, and pharmacists come together in BioScript Solutions’ patient support program to monitor each patient’s health, help schedule appointments, and answer any questions patients may have about their disease and medication. The team ensures that each patient receives their medication and is available to create customized medication adherence plans. As part of their holistic care approach, they work closely with the patient’s health care providers, monitoring outcomes and treatment success. They also work with payors and pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure that patients can access the treatments they need, exploring every possible avenue of drug coverage.

Becoming the patient advocate

“Patients can call us whenever they have a question. Our team of health care providers have extensive training in this area, and are exclusively focused on these specific treatments,” says Pisegna. “We try to remove the burden and become their navigators to help them access treatment, so that they can focus on feeling well.”

With the physician and patient in mind, the organization has made strategic investments in proprietary technology that focuses on improving adherence and maximizing treatment outcomes through targeted touchpoints. “We take on the responsibility of calling patients proactively for refill reminders, to set up medication delivery, and provide treatment-specific education,” says Pisegna. “This really helps with adherence – and when you have greater adherence, you have better treatment outcomes. It’s another opportunity for the patient to ask questions. Being that support system for the patient means there is one less thing they have on their mind.”

“Patients need someone to be their advocate. Every decision we make, in every part of the organization, is with the patient in mind. Our focus is on how we can positively impact our patients and enhance their experience to help make their treatment journey better.”

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