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How Staffy Is Connecting Health Care Organizations with Trained Workers

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Staffy, a digital staffing platform, helps find qualified talent to fill shifts in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

In early 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout Canada, hospitals and long-term care homes were overcome by worker shortages. It served as a pointed reminder that health care is the backbone of our society. Gaps were identified and challenges were enhanced, and as a consequence, people across the sector were impacted.

As health care facilities scrambled to fill positions, it was clear that finding temporary staff to fill critical roles was a challenge. The health care organizations doing the hiring were constantly looking for a cost-effective solution to quickly fill vacancies, and the workers themselves were looking for fair wages for the shifts they were filling. A better option was needed.

Work on their own terms

Staffy, a Canadian digital staffing platform, was originally developed to connect workers with vacancies in the hospitality industry. Peter Faist, founder and CEO of Staffy, identified that the health system needed help responding to the pandemic and retooled the platform to link health care organizations and vaccination clinics with highly-trained workers — from ready-to-work nurses to personal support workers and dietary aides.

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It was a winning approach. Workers could accept jobs with shifts and rates that met their needs with direct access to job postings. Meanwhile, health care facilities could set their own fair market rates for critical shifts they needed filled. Staffy’s business model is to ensure that both workers and health care organizations set their own rates, which can result in successful connections through the optimized staffing platform.

Thanks to a technology-enabled process, filling vacancies happen quickly. Workers can be on-site within 90 minutes of an organization posting shifts. Staffy has a higher-than-average shift fill rate, including those harder-to-fill shifts, such as nights or weekends.

Qualified, vetted workers ready to work

Staffy professionally and rigorously vets all of its registered workers — more than 10,000 currently — before they can be enlisted, with a proven multi-step vetting process. Its high standards ensure the availability of only qualified, certified, and licenced talent, which earns the Toronto-based company a high level of trust among partners.

Workers are happy, too. They get to choose their own rates and experience greater levels of empowerment because they’re able to choose when and where they work while having the benefit of flexible options. Transparency for everyone is a priority, with a business model that benefits both workers and organizations.

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One user, a physician who emigrated from Eritrea to Canada, is using Staffy to get shifts as a personal care aide as he studies to obtain his Canadian medical licence. The digital platform has served him well. He’s working at the University Health Network for some of the busiest hospitals in Toronto. “I’m happy to be back on the hospital floor during this challenging time to fulfill my responsibilities, my goal, and my mission as a health care professional,” he says. “What I like most about Staffy is that you can get shifts whenever you want. It’s like freedom of movement. I can work whenever I want, which allows me to study.”

Whether you’re a health care professional, like a nurse or a personal support worker, or an organization looking for solutions and the most-qualified vetted workers, turn to Staffy for help.

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