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Medical Radiation Technology: A Rewarding and Fast-Growing Profession in Health Care

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A career as a medical radiation technologist is an exciting and rewarding option for those interested in health care and helping people.

Are you looking for a career in health care, but unsure about your options beyond becoming a doctor or a nurse? Are you interested in seeing how the human body works? Want to go to work every day knowing you’re fighting cancer? Medical radiation technology may be the rewarding career you’ve been looking for. 


Becoming a medical radiation technologist (MRT) is a great option if you’re fascinated by precision and personalized medicine and how new technologies shape modern health care. A career as an MRT puts you at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and caring for people, in hospitals, cancers centres, ERs, operating rooms, and more.  

Exciting career opportunities 

As an MRT, there are many opportunities to specialize and focus on the area of care or technology that interests you most. If you choose medical imaging, you’ll use X-ray, CT scanning, breast imaging, nuclear medicine, MRI, or other specialized technology to gather precise imagery and information to guide a patient’s care. If you choose a career in radiation therapy, you’ll be using similar technology to deliver highly targeted radiation to eradicate cancer cells in a person’s body. 

A career as an MRT begins with specialized education in one of the many education programs across the country. This is a great time to go into this rapidly growing profession as job prospects are good and the demand for medical imaging and radiation therapy is growing year after year.  

Visit if you’d like to find out more about exciting MRT careers and how to begin your path to becoming an MRT. 

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