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Careers in Dentistry: More than Just a Healthy Smile

dental nurses operating on patient
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dental nurses operating on patient
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From patient care to front-of-house, Medix College holds the key to the dental industry.

The fast-paced nature of a dental practice can provide the foundation for an exhilarating career in health care. Quite literally built by smiles, dental practices provide a variety of career opportunities with positions suited to different personalities and working styles. From practice administration to working with patients, dentistry provides a unique opportunity to start — or resume — a fulfilling career.

Ontario-based Medix College offers programs targeted toward jumpstarting careers in health care, including a Dental Assisting Diploma Program for those keen to work hands-on and a Dental Administrator Diploma Program for those interested in exploring the inner workings of a practice.

Medix College helps you feel comfortable and confident in your newly-learned skills.

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Dental assistants and dental administrators are integral to a properly-functioning dental practice. Dental assistants are one of the most in-demand positions within the dental industry and as a dentist’s “right hand,” they provide essential support. On the other side of the desk, dental administrators work to ensure the practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

For years, Medix College has been arming the dental world with dental assistants and dental administrators, providing industry-leading health care career training. With three campuses across Ontario, each featuring state-of-the-art facilities, Medix College offers a flexible learning environment customized to different lifestyles. Medix’s flexible programs and online courses make it easy to develop new skills and interests without disrupting home life.

Zeina Samir

Dental Assisting Student, Medix College

For students, the support offered by the college creates all the difference. “Medix College helps you feel comfortable and confident in your newly-learned skills,” says Zeina Samir, a student in the Dental Assisting Program. “I’m already getting job offers!”

A smile says a thousand words. Few people know this better than those in the dental industry. From the hyper-organized to social butterflies, dentistry is a career rooted in giving people something to smile about.

Q&A with Nanci Hynes

Nancy Hynes

Nanci Hynes

Dental Assistant Instructor, Medix College

Why might someone consider a career in dentistry?

Dentistry is never going anywhere. You don’t have to worry about job security. Cavities are plaguing the earth forever. It’s a very secure job but you’re also helping people. You’re helping with their physical looks and their perception of themselves. If you don’t have a nice smile, you shy away from the world. In dentistry, you’re changing people’s lives.

What can someone pursuing a career in dentistry expect?

For someone who likes to be busy, dental offices are great. You need to be organized. It’s fast-paced. There’s never a moment where you look at the clock and think, “There are still four more hours left.” But it’s also a very team-oriented profession and incredibly rewarding.

What makes Medix College’s Dental Assisting and Dental Administrator Programs unique?

We’re not just here to educate you but also to train you for your new or next career. You’re not just a number — we know our students by name. It’s personal and family-oriented. We’re here to help people achieve their next goals through whatever challenges they have in life.

What can Medix College graduates expect in their first year?

After completing the program, students are likely to be hired right after their externship. Right away, they’ll be building new relationships with their teams, working, and continuing to learn as they find their way. The growth doesn’t stop at graduation.

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