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Thanks to new treatments, women with bladder leaks and urge issues are achieving newfound empowerment, confidence, and freedom.

Fertility solutions, pregnancy and nursing care, sexual wellness, and­­ reproductive system health care are just some of the topics in women’s health that are finally being discussed candidly. They’re also topics addressed by femtech (or female technology), a new suite of software, diagnostics, products, and services that use technology to improve women’s health.

One of the latest femtech innovations to hit Canada is UROSPOT, a leading-edge company that offers disruptive, life-changing technology for the thousands of women who suffer in silence with bladder leaks and urge issues. UROSPOT offers education, support, and treatment using the BTL EMSELLA Chair (also known as the Kegel Throne) which helps women regain control of their pelvic floor muscles and bladder, all while they remained fully-clothed. 

Common doesn’t mean normal

“Women are always told to do their Kegels,” says Erin Craven, Founder of UROSPOT. “But research shows that despite our best efforts, we don’t do Kegels correctly or long enough to make a lasting impact.”

As one of the two out of three women over the age of 35 struggling with bladder leaks herself, Craven was personally motivated to build UROSPOT. “The feminist in me was frustrated,” she says. “If men peed their pants every time they laughed in a meeting or swung a golf club, this would have been solved 50 years ago. Why are women still struggling with this?”

“Women think of it as a normal part of aging but it doesn’t have to be,” says Dr. Laura Sovran, UROSPOT’s Medical Director. “Both stress incontinence – urine leaking due to increased intra-abdominal stress caused by coughing, laughing, running, and jumping – and urge incontinence – not making it to the bathroom in time – can really impact women’s daily living.”

If men peed their pants every time they laughed in a meeting or swung a golf club, this would have been solved 50 years ago. Why are women still struggling with this?

Erin Craven, Founder of UROSPOT

A ground-breaking treatment

UROSPOT is a urology-focused medical spa that provides support and education in addition to treatment. It offers the Health Canada-approved BTL EMSELLA Chair, which strengthens pelvic floor muscles by using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to produce 11,000 perfect Kegels in just 28 minutes. Women are in effect outsourcing their Kegels.

“When I found this technology and tried it for myself, my entire life changed,” says Craven. “My freedom came back, my confidence came back, my bladder leaks were gone, my urge issues were gone, and I could live my life again instead of observing it.”

The EMSELLA Chair is pain-free, completely non-invasive, has no downtime, and works for both women and men. “It’s truly a disruptive innovation that’s long overdue,” says Craven.

The UROSPOT clinic

Preventative medicine is the best medicine

“Don’t suffer in silence,” says Dr. Sovran. “There is hope and there are treatments available.”

It’s important to take action as soon as you notice an issue or even preventatively. “Once bladder leaks and urge issues start, they only get worse,” says Craven. “The sooner you intervene, the better.”

Many women don’t realize that their pelvic floor muscles are the most important muscles in the body for maintaining long-term independence. “Incontinence is one of the top reasons women are admitted to long-term care,” notes Craven.

To find your freedom and book a complimentary consultation, visit UROSPOT or call 416-760-0954.

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