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Whether you’re a content creator, actor, or practising every day care, hair health is important and the tools you use can prevent damage.

Dominique Baker

Content Creator

When did you start your hair journey?

My hair journey started several years ago. I was sick of the split ends and thin hair. I made a commitment to eat healthier, drink more water, and learn about the hair care products I was using and the ingredients within them.
I got a good haircut to rid myself of the split ends and started using very moisturizing and hydrating products. In addition, I invested in high-quality heat tools with better temperature regulation. Lastly, I started deep conditioning my hair weekly and getting regular trims. My hair started to thrive!

Honestly — I cannot pick between the Dyson SupersonicTM Hair dryer and CorraleTM flat iron. Both have been instrumental in saving my hair!

Torri Webster

Actress & Content Creator

How has your career impacted your hair journey?

My hair journey has been long, complicated, and wrought with hot tools! I started acting professionally at 12 years old — so you can only imagine the number of hair chairs I’ve sat in daily with hot tools being used, not once, but up to three times a day for touch-ups. It left me with damaged hair at such a young age.

I’m also no stranger to playing with colour. I’m a natural brunette but have been blonde for most of my adult life. Highlights and bleach can dull my hair, so I do everything I can with the help of clean and high-performing ingredients and tools to get the best results. Styling-wise, I lean on my favourite Dyson tools. For the days I like to enhance my naturally straight hair, I use my Dyson Corrale™. I can genuinely polish off my look in a matter of minutes with this straighter. It has unique features that allow me to customize the heat and tension to my hair type, while also reducing heat damage. Best of all, it’s cordless — the perfect companion for a gal on the go like myself!

dyson product combined body img.jpg
Dyson Corrale™ Straightener & Dyson Airwrap™ Styler

Allegra Shaw

Content Creator

Describe your hair journey

I went fully blonde in 2015 and I’ve been trying to get my hair back to its natural colour and health ever since. It’s been a long road, but I find that using less heat and finding products that work well with my hair have really helped.

Why is it important for you to maintain healthy hair?

My job requires me to style my hair frequently so I need strong, healthy, and nourished hair to combat the effects of styling. That’s why I’m always using the best tools for my hair and using the right products to nourish it. I also want my hair to last, so keeping it healthy is important!

What have you found to be the key to healthy hair?

I think protecting hair from heat is the key to healthy hair. This means protecting your hair from the sun (using SPF spray or a hat) and using styling tools that generate less heat while still getting the job done. For me, my Dyson Supersonic™ and Airwrap™ have been game-changers. Dyson Hair products are really focused on hair health. The AirwrapTM and SupersonicTM use less heat and high airflow to achieve your hairstyle. With the AirwrapTM, it can take your hair from wet to styled which completely takes out a step in normal hairstyling leading to less heat damage! The CorraleTM straightener has flexing plates which makes sure that you don’t have to go over pieces of hair multiple times which again leads to less damage. Also, proper vitamins and a healthy diet have a huge impact on hair health, as do the products you use. I have a vitamin regime, I try to eat well, and I use a hair mask at least once a week and let it soak in for the evening — it’s like treating my hair to a little spa treatment.

Dyson’s Innovative Tools and Technologies: The Secret to Healthy Hair

Dyson is a technology company that has long been known for solving problems that others ignore and for developing products that improve its owners daily lives. Its approach to developing technology always has the people in mind — it’s in the company’s DNA. Whether capturing debris on floors, improving indoor air quality, drying hands hygienically, or, more recently, protecting hair from extreme heat damage, Dyson’s innovative research and technologies are pioneering.

In order to protect hair, it’s important to know what causes damage. Hair damage is the physical or chemical breakdown of hair or its components, which include the cuticle, the cortex, and keratin proteins. Since hair strands typically grow for between two and five years, even small amounts of damage, such as the damage caused by brushing the hair, can build up over time. High heat used for styling, UV rays from the sun, hair dye and bleach, and chemical exposure — from swimming pools, for example — all weaken hair and amplify the damage.

Since hair strands typically grow for between two and five years, even small amounts of damage, such as the damage caused by brushing the hair, can build up over time.

Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer

A shining commitment to hair health

Dyson’s hair care tools are all designed for versatile styling on all hair types while protecting hair from extreme heat damage. Each tool in the range is engineered with a sensor that measure and regulates temperature between 40 – 100 times per second, making sure you never reach a heat that is damaging to the hair. Both powered by the Dyson digital motor V9, the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer is engineered for fast drying, with built-in heat protection for natural shine, while the Dyson AirwrapTM hair styler is a multi-styling hair tool engineered to curl, wave, smooth, and dry with no extreme heat. The Dyson CorraleTM straightener, uses patented copper flexing plates that shape to gather hair, delivering enhanced styling, while also being cord-free.

These chic tools harness the latest technologies to allow you to achieve outstanding style anywhere, at any time — quicker than ever before with less damage.

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