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Parkinson’s Care: Shaping the Future of Health Care

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By fostering collaboration, research, and community-building, Parkinson Canada is on a mission to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s.

Living with Parkinson’s presents unique challenges, especially in accessing health care. Parkinson’s, a complex brain disease, affects over 100,000 Canadians, with 30 new diagnoses daily. Recognizing the individual journey of each person with Parkinson’s is crucial, as highlighted in the case of Surrey, B.C., resident Bob de Wit, who’s grappling with the unpredictable symptoms and gaps in care. Parkinson Canada advocates for diverse care providers, such as neurologists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists, to address the complexity of the disease. We strive to ease access to care through collaboration, research, and community-building, emphasizing a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of life. 


Improving access and fuelling innovation

Research and technology are pivotal in enhancing health care access for individuals with Parkinson’s. Since 1981, the Parkinson Canada Research Program has invested more than $31 million in funding through various programs. This involves funding opportunities, contributing to both Parkinson’s knowledge advancement and enhancing access to care.

As technology evolves, opportunities to synergize health care access with progress increase. One method is through the collaborative initiative eCARE-PD, developed by Dr. Tiago Mestre and his team at The Ottawa Hospital. This mobile application aims to eliminate barriers to specialized care and to provide home-based solutions. Early engagement of individuals in its design makes it a personalized tool, empowering users to monitor symptoms, set health care goals, track daily activities, and connect with community support, regardless of their location or abilities.

Another vital tool is CareFinder, an online directory connecting people with Parkinson’s to services, including movement disorder specialists and essential wellness programs, based on location and search criteria.  

Strengthening community and building partnerships

Parkinson Canada leads in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, building key relationships with attendees, specialists, and researchers. Collaborating with other Parkinson’s organizations and the Canadian Movement Disorders Society, Parkinson Canada charts a path to a health care future fuelled by collaboration. 

“Through community strength and strategic partnerships, Parkinson Canada is charting a path to a health care future fuelled by collaboration,” says Karen Lee, President and CEO of Parkinson Canada.

Recognizing the impact of collaborative research, Parkinson Canada and Brain Canada also persist in their collaboration, notably establishing the Canadian Open Parkinson Network. This national research network unites expert clinicians, researchers, and participants (people living with Parkinson’s) to break down research siloes and accelerate discoveries.

Self-empowerment and advocacy

In commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle for those with Parkinson’s, support extends through programs and services empowering people living with Parkinson’s. These initiatives aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Parkinson’s, helping individuals to lead fulfilling lives despite challenges. Whether through national events such as SuperWalk or art auctions with Women for Parkinson’s, there are ways to get involved in the community.

At the core of this self-empowerment philosophy are the eCARE-PD app and CareFinder. Parkinson Canada advocates for the needs of the Parkinson’s community with governments, actively engaging and advocating for responsive policy changes.

Parkinson Canada is dedicated to shaping the future of health care, beyond traditional disease treatment. Our aim is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives through the right lifestyle, medication, community, support, and pathways. Harmonizing these elements is essential, making living with Parkinson’s not just a possibility but a reality. As part of our commitment, we’re actively advancing initiatives to improve access to care, including the development of a comprehensive care pathway, economic data analysis, and strategic investment in research on innovative care models. These endeavours enhance accessibility and overall well-being, inspiring the belief that, even with Parkinson’s, living well is still possible. 

Experience the future of health care firsthand with eCARE-PD and CareFinder. To learn more, please visit

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