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Personalizing Depression Treatment:
A Better Path Forward

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For Canadians experiencing depression, a simple DNA test may shine a light on the most efficient treatment — getting help, faster.  

In Canada, two out of three people treated for depression do not achieve remission when given a standard treatment. As a result, many depressed Canadians endure multiple medication trials, with some never achieving relief. It can be a seemingly never-ending treatment journey that adds to the already heavy burden of mental illness.


Through a simple non-invasive at-home test, however, Toronto-based Inagene Diagnostics Ltd is improving this all-too-common treatment journey, using evidence-based sources to help Canadians find effective treatments for depression, and a variety of other conditions, faster. 

“We know that individuals tend to respond differently to different treatments,” says Ashwin Juneja, Clinical Affairs Lead for Inagene Diagnostics Ltd. “It’s important to focus on the possible root of some of these differences, finding treatments that will actually work for individuals.” 

A common concern

Over 99 per cent of the population is likely to have genetic changes that impact their medication response. By understanding a person’s DNA, a healthcare professional can better predict a medication that will work best for that specific person. This treatment approach has been shown to be particularly promising in helping to address mental health conditions like depression.

When it comes to depression, treatments can often take roughly four weeks to work. It’s a period that can unknowingly extend the time that an individual is on an ineffective medication, stalling a transition to one that is more effective. In others, this period may be associated with persistent side effects that could potentially be avoided. 

By providing Canadians with personalized insights, Inagene Diagnostics Ltd is playing a critical role in helping clients identify more effective medication options, shortening their treatment journey and reducing the likelihood of side effects by 30 per cent.

The future of treatment 

Using a simple cheek swab mailed to clients’ homes, Inagene Diagnostics Ltd arms individuals and their health care providers with insights that allow them to potentially find a better solution. It’s an incredibly simple process that’s leading to life-changing results. 

Once a client has completed the test, the sample is mailed back to Inagene Diagnostics Ltd’s accredited regulated lab, where it’s analyzed against common medications with evidence-based associations that are globally curated and accepted. This allows Inagene Diagnostics Ltd to produce an individualized report that suggests which medications might be best suited to the client given their unique genetic changes. 

Inagene Diagnostics Ltd prides itself on its commitment to privacy, by encrypting and de-identifying personal data which is securely stored to meet standards that ensure that personal data is protected. Once the report has been produced, all DNA samples are destroyed, unless otherwise specified by the client.  

It’s an important step in helping Canadians take control of their own health, in turn leading to better, more effective mental health treatment. 

“As we move into the future, genetics-led treatment will be an important piece of the medication-treatment landscape,” Juneja says. With long specialist waitlists and general practitioners already short on time, these insights have the potential to be ground-breaking for patients resisting conventional treatment options: “It’s about personalizing care for each individual, helping them meet their clinical and personal treatment goals, faster,” says Juneja.

Order your Personalized Insights™ test kit today so you can better understand your genetic response to a variety of mental health medications! This will help you use the medications that are predicted to work the best for your body, so you can feel better sooner. 


* Please find references for all statistics quoted on Inagene Diagnostics Ltd’s landing page. 

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