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Future of Health Care

Unlocking $500 Million in Savings: The Power of Digital Health Tools

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 E-prescribing for enhanced efficiency, patient care, and cost savings.

Canada’s healthcare system is grappling with significant challenges — shortages of doctors, crowded emergency departments, and extreme staff burnout. The complexity of these issues, coupled with competing priorities across provinces, makes it difficult to find effective solutions. 


Canada also trails behind G7 counterparts in adopting digital health tools, particularly e-prescribing. This could alleviate administrative costs and save an estimated $500 million annually by reducing drug misuse, improving patient adherence, and minimizing medication errors that lead to physician or emergency room visits and hospitalization all benefiting the health outcomes of Canadians.

While e-prescribing is a newer concept in Canada, countries like the U.S. and Portugal have embraced the technology for nearly a decade, serving as models for PrescribeIT® – Canada’s national e-prescription service. PrescribeIT® integrates seamlessly into our healthcare system, enabling healthcare professionals to digitally send prescriptions directly to a patient’s pharmacy. 

E-prescribing offers clear advantages. Beyond the substantial potential savings, a recent review found that 7 in 10 prescribers say that PrescribeIT® has increased their prescribing efficiency and 81 per cent of prescribers have seen improvements in their clinical workflow.

Although there has been notable progress, continued growth in the adoption of e-prescribing is crucial, requiring legislative support and commitment from all levels of government. With more than 14,000 prescribers and 7,000 pharmacies already part of PrescribeIT®, a $500 million investment won’t solve all healthcare challenges, but it has the potential to make a significant impact.

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