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Elias Farah

Elias Farah

Co-Founder, CEO, President of MEDFAR Clinical Solutions

Patrick Issid

Co-Founder & Head of Research, Development, and Innovation at MEDFAR Clinical Solutions

Dr. Robert Amyot

Dr. Robert Amyot

Chief Operation Officer & Chief Medical Officer at MEDFAR Clinical Solutions

The MYLE Integrated Care Platform (MYLE ICP) improves continuity of care, simplifies a physician’s workday, and increases patient engagement.

In 2008, Elias Farah and Patrick Issid, both aeronautical engineers, learned about how weighed down medical clinics were with paperwork and administrative procedures. They decided to create a platform to solve these challenges.

“We wanted to bring the same level of technology that we saw in engineering and aeronautics to health care,” says Farah, Co-Founder, CEO, and President of MEDFAR Clinical Solutions.

Issid says that he and Farah brought fresh eyes to the needs of health care providers. “We spent a lot of time learning about the challenges and how existing solutions weren’t meeting these challenges. We built a platform that would adapt to the realities of being a doctor and the ever-changing realities of health care,” says Issid, MEDFAR Co-Founder and Head of Research, Development, and Innovation.

In 2013, MEDFAR received licensing from Quebec’s Health Ministry for the province’s first web-based electronic medical records (EMR) solution, which was designed to improve three key areas: continuity of care, innovation in digitization, and patient engagement. As Issid explains, lack of interoperability and disconnected systems hamper continuity of care, while clunky, outdated systems impede innovation. Meanwhile, patients need to be more involved and engaged in their own care.


MYLE ICP reshapes care delivery

The company’s MYLE Integrated Care Platform focuses on these areas, transforming the way health care is dispensed. MYLE ICP brings care teams and patients together on one single platform. By streamlining every aspect of their work, MYLE helps care teams to become more efficient, improve quality of care, and empower patients.

The platform’s features include a powerful core EMR solution that greatly reduces the physical and mental workload of operating a busy primary care clinic. MYLE Patient Portal modernizes the patient-caregiver experience and drives patient engagement by offering online booking and data sharing between the care team and the patient. MYLE Connect enables MYLE ICP to interface bi-directionally with complementary platforms using the highest industry standards. To allow users to fully harness and analyze clinical data, MYLE ICP also includes MYLE Analytics, an advanced populational health and powerful analytics tool. The only virtual consultation tool fully integrated within an EMR, MYLE Telemed, allows physicians to conduct remote consultations. MYLE Kiosk enables patients to self-register upon their arrival at the clinic, book a walk-in appointment as well as update their demographic and contact information.

Shot of a young caregiver caring for her elderly patient in her home

An Integrated Care Platform to Replace EMRs in the 21st Century

Current EMR software was built to replicate outdated clinical workflows that were clunky and fraught with friction. Hence, most EMRs are neither patient-centric nor designed to evolve. Care delivery can only be streamlined by bringing patients and care providers together on the same platform. An Integrated Care Platform used by the patient and the entire care team will reshape care delivery and empower patients to take control of what matters most: their health. Today, MYLE is the most used EMR in Quebec and MEDFAR has implementations across Canada, in Latin America, and in the United States. Each month, more than 100,000 communications between patients and health care providers are sent using a MEDFAR solution.

“I’m very excited about the technology and focus on making our customers save time and gain peace of mind,” says Dr. Robert Amyot, a cardiologist who joined MEDFAR in 2019 and is now its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer. “The name ‘MYLE’ was coined after our pledge from Day 1: ‘Make Your Life Easy.’ We relentlessly leverage technology to make our customers’ lives easier. If we can make things more efficient, we can help health care providers, patients, and the health care system.”

Farah says that most health care technology has simply not kept up with innovation. Due to its limitations, many health care providers view their EMR solely as information storage. “We’re doing everything we can to change the concept that health care is always a decade behind,” he says. “We’re bringing our customers to a level where they can be proud of the quality of care they’re delivering and the convenience they offer patients. Technology can enhance their clinical effectiveness and improve patient care and engagement.”

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