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How Canada Health Infoway’s PrescribeIT® is Helping Pharmacy Professionals

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PrescribeIT® is a digital health solution that enables the safe and seamless digital transmission of prescriptions between prescribers and pharmacists.

Today’s pharmacists juggle many tasks and demands on their time. In addition to dispensing medications, pharmacists are also involved in front-line health care — consulting with patients, prescribing for minor medical ailments, and administering vaccines.

With an expanded role, the last thing pharmacist’s need is to spend extra time decoding a doctor’s handwriting, transcribing faxed prescriptions, or wondering about the validity of a possibly fraudulent prescription.


A digital solution with many benefits for pharmacists

This is where an innovative digital health solution like PrescribeIT® can help. PrescribeIT® is a national e-prescribing service that was developed by Canada Health Infoway, a non-profit organization funded by the federal government. 

PrescribeIT® integrates seamlessly into electronic medical records (EMRs) and pharmacy management systems, enabling the direct digital transmission of prescriptions from an EMR to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. Using PrescribeIT®, prescribers (physicians and nurse practitioners) and pharmacists can electronically create, receive, renew, and cancel prescriptions. Transmission is secure and private. 

Aside from enhancing patient safety and convenience and relieving the administrative load for prescribers, PrescribeIT® helps pharmacists do their job more effectively. PrescribeIT® enables pharmacists to dispense prescriptions more efficiently, giving them more time for patient consultations. PrescribeIT® also results in fewer dispensing and transcription errors, improves communication with prescribers, and decreases administrative workload.

Above all, PrescribeIT® cuts down on the need for a return doctor’s office visit for prescription renewals, by enabling electronic requests for renewals which are associated with the original prescription. Finally, among physicians and pharmacy staff already using PrescribeIT®, 82 per cent  say the service reduces lost or misplaced
prescriptions, reducing the need for return trips.

Pharmacy Practice+Business magazine listed PrescribeIT® as No. 1 in the top 10 list of innovations in pharmacy. Learn more about how PrescribeIT® is leading the future of pharmacy practice by visiting

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