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Why Investing More in Community Pharmacy Helps All Canadians

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Community pharmacies provide easy access, superior patient care, and impressive innovation — so investing in them, and the organizations supporting them, makes sense.

Forty-four per cent of Canadian adults have at least one chronic condition — such as hypertension, osteoarthritis, or mood/anxiety disorders. Canadians need quick, convenient health care access, and our system must focus more on prevention. Fortunately, community pharmacies are leading the way.

The power of proactive care

Pharmacies are accessible and convenient, and surveys show that pharmacists are highly trusted health care professionals. Because of their flexibility and close patient ties, they also possess an impressive ability to drive innovation, and their focus on prevention presents remarkable cost efficiencies.


“We’re seeing a major trend toward moving routine chronic disease screening and management into community pharmacies,” says Rodger Seccombe, CTO at Avricore Health and President and Co-founder of HealthTab, a company specializing in point-of-care testing solutions for pharmacy. Avricore is a pharmacy services innovator that provides turnkey digital solutions to support pharmacists’ evolving role along with infrastructure for making clinical services more accessible and more affordable in Canada’s diverse communities, and HealthTab is its flagship holding.

“HealthTab combines lab-accurate rapid testing with a secure, cloud-based system for viewing and tracking results,” says Seccombe. “It supports pharmacists in their role as front-line health providers and empowers patients with better access to information.”

Importantly, HealthTab also offers a new model for gathering real-world evidence and removes the silos normally surrounding health data. Reports can be customized to meet the goals of a particular program or trial, and HealthTab data easily integrates with third-party applications. 

Now that’s something worth investing in.

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