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How McMaster Innovation Park Is Advancing Cell and Gene Therapy

aerial view of McMaster campus
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aerial view of McMaster campus
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McMaster Innovation Park is fostering an innovation ecosystem for life sciences and biotech researchers, entrepreneurs, and ventures.

The cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector in Ontario is rapidly gaining momentum with the transformative potential of CGT for healthcare and medicine and McMaster Innovation Park (MIP), the pulse of Hamilton’s life sciences ecosystem, is accelerating the growth of life sciences and biomanufacturing ventures through purpose-built space and venture support. 

“Every innovator, researcher, entrepreneur, and venture has slightly different requirements depending on their background and where they are in their journey,” says Ty J. Shattuck, Chief Executive Officer of MIP. “There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We’re that one door that they can knock on to get whatever they need for whatever stage of growth they’re in.” 

The research park’s focus on building a CGT cluster is a testament to its commitment to partnerships and collaborations. By leveraging the strong relationships it shares with neighbouring academic institutions McMaster University and Mohawk College, world-class healthcare facilities, and renowned life sciences and biomanufacturing companies like Fusion Pharmaceuticals that already reside at the park, MIP is building a community for business success. 

MIP is more than a business park.

“MIP is more than a business park,” says Scott Rasmussen, Vice-President of Leasing and Business Development at MIP. “We are building a world-class CGT cluster in Hamilton, that will be comparable to similar clusters in Philadelphia, Boston, and Stevenage in the UK. This is becoming a reality for the park. We recently signed a lease with OmniaBio Inc. and are midway with the construction of its 90,000-square-foot cell and gene therapy CDMO.” 

On completion, OmniaBio Inc. will anchor the CGT cluster in Hamilton along with Triumvira Immunologics which already resides at the park. The communities will benefit from the region’s strong supply chain and logistic amenities that have supported business growth for decades. 

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