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As the Canadian population ages, innovation in seniors’ care becomes even more important. Since 2015, the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), powered by Baycrest, has been dedicated to driving advances in innovations for the aging brain, in partnership with the acclaimed Rotman Research Institute.

Now in its 29th year, the Rotman Research Institute conference on aging and brain health has long been a staple for those at the forefront of cognitive neuroscience research. “Thought leaders from across Canada and globally will present their latest discoveries on prevention and early detection of dementia,” says Mel Barsky, Director of Business Development at CABHI.

Moving forward through innovation

This year, a third day has been added to the conference schedule in the form of the CABHI What’s Next Canada Innovation Day, co-produced by Mary Furlong & Associates. Taking place on March 20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the day will focus on the acceleration and growth of innovations in brain health and aging. Topics include virtual reality, robotics, procurement, and accessing venture capital in the longevity sector. 

“What’s Next Canada concentrates on products that have proven to be effective in the research phase and now need to be turned into commercially-viable entities to bring these solutions to the end user,” Barsky comments. “It looks at the best ways to bring innovations from the bench to the bedside.”

What’s Next Canada concentrates on products that […] need to be turned into commercially-viable entities in order to bring these solutions to the end user.

Mel Barsky, Director of Business Development at CABHI

What’s Next Canada will bring together innovators, researchers, venture capitalists, thought leaders, and experts from international organizations. One of the highlights will be a rapid-fire pitch competition. “This session will showcase some of the year’s best CABHI-supported products with the potential to improve seniors’ lives,” remarks Barsky.

The competition will feature a celebrity moderator and high-profile panel of judges selecting the winner of the 2019 CABHI Innovation Award for the solution that could have the greatest impact in aging and brain health.

“But everyone in the competition wins,” Barsky notes. “The real benefit is the opportunity to network with CABHI’s global partners and the exposure these companies will receive. By sharing findings, events like this mean innovators become part of a global network of people working to solve similar issues,” Barsky continues. “Ultimately, the goal is to take new innovative products and help get them to market to assist people who need them.”

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