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Vision Health 2019

Bailey Nelson Makes Quality Glasses Affordable in Canada

Bailey Nelson
Bailey Nelson

The traditional way customers shop for prescription eyewear has been turned upside down by newcomer Bailey Nelson. The company has brought excitement to the experience for Canadians with innovative eyewear boutiques, featuring high-quality eyeglasses, sunglasses, and on-site optometrists. Born in Bondi Beach, Australia in 2012, Bailey Nelson opened its first retail outlet in Canada in 2017. The response has been so incredible that it has now grown to 12 locations across the country.

The secret to its success is an amazingly attractive price point. Frames with prescription lenses included start at $145 and a pair of glasses with progressive lenses starts at just $345. That means no more hanging on to outdated or ill-fitting frames because of high cost. 

Bailey Nelson glasses in a display

The lower price point helps to create a friendly buying atmosphere for customers. It helps build relationships between customers and the Bailey Nelson team. The optometrists at each boutique can conduct eye exams, detect signs of disease, offer advice about eye health and make recommendations for choosing the best eyewear. It’s a 360-degree approach to vision care with a one-stop shop.

Bailey Nelson is able to make eyewear so affordable because it manufactures its own hand-crafted frames using the same durable, high-grade acetate, stainless steel, and titanium as many luxury brands. It has cut out the middleman and passed on savings to customers. Now it’s possible to build an eyeglass wardrobe with a mix of styles to accessorize any outfit and stay in step with the latest fashion trends. New frames arrive in-store every four weeks.

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