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Imagine life turning on a dime. Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office and being diagnosed with an incurable neurological disease. Imagine the uncertainty of multiple sclerosis. 

“I remember sitting with Michael as the results came back and we were told it was multiple sclerosis (MS),” says Leilanie Marianetti, whose husband, Michael, was diagnosed in 1998. “It was like the ground was pulled from underneath me. He was expressionless, numb with shock.”

Approximately 11 Canadians are diagnosed with MS every day. While there’s still work to be done, we’ve seen incredible progress in MS research over the past two decades, including advancements from three treatments to 15. 

Today, with better diagnostic criteria and MRI technologies, we can diagnose MS earlier. This means earlier access to treatment, which could slow the damage MS causes and maximize brain health.

Wellness and self-care — nutrition, exercise, and mental health — are also critical to managing MS. Recent studies show that exercise may play a role in improved cognition for people with MS. 

“We ensure Michael gets exercise and stretching in every day,” says Leilanie. “It’s vital to get his blood circulating. It helps strengthen his muscles and lifts his mood.”

The MS Society of Canada plays an integral role in supporting world-leading research. 

“Finding a cure would be life-changing for millions of families affected by MS. We need to support the MS Society so we can get closer to a cure,” says Leilanie. “Your time, your donation, it matters — it’s what will ultimately impact tens of thousands of Canadians affected by MS.”

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