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How BeiGene Is Breaking Down Barriers to Cancer Care

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Access to cancer care comes through BeiGene’s approach to affordability and innovation.

BeiGene Canada is challenging the status quo of the traditional bio-pharmaceutical industry. As the Canadian arm of global biotech firm BeiGene Inc., this company of Canadians is making a distinct mark by focusing on ensuring affordable access to innovative oncology drugs.


BeiGene entered Canada in 2021, and its impact has been swift. Health Canada’s authorization of BeiGene’s BTK inhibitor drug for five blood cancers within the last three years stands out significantly. This underscores the company’s entry in the Canadian cancer community and its commitment to addressing the diverse needs of cancer patients. BeiGene plans to bring more cancer drugs to Canada and is actively reshaping cancer care accessibility.

BeiGene believes in universal access to life-changing medicines for as many people as possible. Emphasizing the principle of “patients first,” BeiGene develops high-quality, novel therapies to help cancer patients everywhere, in every country, going beyond geographical boundaries. This is a major investment, but BeiGene knows that newer, better, and safer drugs only help when patients can readily access them. This perspective fuels the company’s collaborations with global cancer communities, providing support to patients, clinicians, caregivers, and families in the collective battle against cancer.

BeiGene’s mission extends beyond drug development. The BeiGene Canada Fund for Research and Innovation was introduced last year to support and enhance research and ingenuity. The initiative was designed to overcome current challenges and breathe life into new ideas that could improve cancer care in a meaningful way.

BeiGene also recognizes that a patient’s mental well-being is integral to achieving quality cancer care. As a company, it’s dedicated to raising awareness, encouraging thoughtful conversations, and contributing resources so that all those impacted by cancer have the tools they need on their journey to wellness.

While BeiGene is still a newcomer in comparison to drug industry stalwarts, its approach signals a sense of urgency in engaging the health care community and all stakeholders. BeiGene wants to drive the change that’s needed. As a disruptor, BeiGene is not merely contributing to the conversation — it’s out to reshape the narrative, offering hope and injecting innovation into the fight against cancer.

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