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This Health Store Is Helping People Live Life Healthy

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Ashten Buck, nutritionist

Ashten Buck

Nutritionist, with a Specialization in Nutrition & Dietetics from Western University and teaches nutrition at the International College of Holistic Health (ICHH)

Healthy Planet provides Canadians with what they need to thrive, including a variety of supplements and vitamins.

For almost 30 years, Healthy Planet has been one of Canada’s most popular retail chains for natural foods, health supplements, sport nutrition, beauty, pet care and home. Their commitment to extraordinary customer service has remained a top priority – which is why they’re the go-to one-stop-shop for so many neighbourhoods.


Their selection truly sets them apart, as a customer you can find fair-priced items pertaining to a variety of health-related topics. From protein powder and unrefined probiotics to natural cosmetics and hygiene care, it’s the company’s goal to make top-quality products accessible to everyone.

Making healthy choices is the key to living a long, fulfilling life.

Making healthy choices is the key to living a long, fulfilling life. Decisions around what to put in one’s body impacts overall wellness – as does regular physical fitness and keeping a proper balance of vitamins.

All in one place

In recent years, prioritizing one’s mental and physical health has entered mainstream, popular culture. While it’s great that healthy living has become a normalized concept, it can be tricky to find resources that are truly beneficial and cost-efficient.

With the objective to help customers “live life healthy,” Healthy Planet stands out amongst its competitors. They’ve built renowned relationships with brand partners and prioritize eco-friendly, sustainable choices. Their passion is to help people maintain healthy, active life-styles which have garnered them respect and love within communities.

Today, the convenience of being able to purchase a variety of items in one store is major – their inventory includes goods for pets, infants, groceries, supplements, herbal products, bodybuilding powders, and beyond. Their online store is an information hub of articles, recipes, and more. It contains a massive database of all items that can be easily searched based on health and lifestyle needs or brand names.

Affordable, superb choices

Plus, the store’s prices are lower than other online or box retail shops, with many organic groceries, minerals, and sports nutrition supplements selling at close to wholesale prices. They also offer monthly discounts and saving opportunities via online-only sales. All stores have product specialists that help customers find solution-related items and host store-specific events. They also connect clients with naturopathic doctors, holistic nutritionists, and provide information about nutrition classes in the area.

Healthy Planet helps people stay vigilant and knowledgeable about their health. For example, they provide products that support good bone health, which is critical to overall wellness. Chronic bone conditions develop over time due to unhealthy habits and a lack of nutrients like calcium. Diseases like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and Osteonecrosis can develop when bone mass and mineral density decreases, or if there’s a disruption to bone blood flow. A significant way to support bone well-being is by maintaining adequate magnesium levels.

Benefits of magnesium 

One of the most active minerals, magnesium contributes to over 800 chemical reactions in the body including energy production, metabolism, DNA synthesis, nerve function, heart rate regulation, muscle strength, and bone building. Healthy Planet offers a superb, vegan magnesium supplement that contains up to 20% more elemental magnesium and has no fillers.

CanPrev magnesium pills for better health

CanPrev’s Magnesium Bis-glycinate 200 Gentle comes in packs of 60, 120, and 240 capsules that are free of dairy, gluten, GMO, and soy. These 200ml magnesium pills are purely elemental and have a bis-glycinate form that makes them highly absorbent while also gentle on one’s bowels. Aside from replenishing optimal magnesium levels, these potent supplements may also help digestion, improve sleep, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and support cardiovascular health.

Unfortunately, magnesium deficiencies can be common – aside from bone disease, a lack of magnesium can also lead to high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and chronic heart conditions.

Good for the heart

When it’s difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body, symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, and swelling of feet, ankles, or abdomen may develop. Chronic heart issues like cardiac dysrhythmias, cardiac failure, and cardiomyopathy are caused by high blood pressure and increased cholesterol.

WellBetX Berberine vegetarian capsules for balancing blood sugar

Aside from uncontrollable factors like age and family history, there are ways to lower the risk of heart disease – primarily by not smoking, exercising regularly, and making sure the body receives proper nutrients. To support blood sugar and cardiovascular health, Healthy Planet recommends a unique supplement that contains 100% berberine – a natural compound extracted from barberry roots that’s proven to improve blood sugar metabolism.

Natural Factors WellBetX Berberine 500mg vegetarian capsules are a natural option for balancing blood sugar levels. They may also promote insulin sensitivity, aid with weight management, and improve overall cardiovascular health by maintaining proper blood lipid levels.

Continue your health journey

These non-GMO capsules may be beneficial for those with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, abnormal blood sugar levels, or insulin resistance. They help restore healthy levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. Due to antimicrobial activity, they’re also proven to improve acute diarrhea, small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and parasitic infections.

These supplements are just two of the hundreds of carefully selected products that Healthy Planet provides to its customers. As community pillars, they’re the go-to place for all health-related needs – and are truly helping people “live life healthy.”

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