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How Diabetes Tech Keeps Bobby Umar at Top Speed

Family having a picnic
Family having a picnic

Bobby Umar is a best-selling author, five-time TEDx speaker, and one of the world’s top social media influencers — and he also has type 2 diabetes. “When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2006, I went into denial,” Bobby says. “The minutiae of all the monitoring and management was difficult at first.”

As a lifelong disease, diabetes requires careful and constant self-management in all areas of life. Bobby struggled to manage his diabetes for more than a decade before the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE smart meter and app system helped empower him to take control of his health without sacrificing his dynamic lifestyle.

“The main thing I love about the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE specifically is the ease-of-use,” Bobby says. “The user interfaces on both the meter and the app are very intuitive. The smartLIGHT technology helps me instantly understand if I’m above, within, or below my blood glucose target. Personally, I’m pretty tech savvy, but it’s built in a way where you can really get started with baby steps quite easily. It can benefit you a lot even if you aren’t leveraging every aspect of what it can do.”

Advances in technology also make the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE the most accurate system developed by Ascensia Diabetes Care, with results going beyond the minimum Canadian industry standard for blood glucose meters1. Careful diabetes management can reduce the risk of cardiovascular, nerve and kidney damage long term.

For anyone living with diabetes, technology can be a great enabler, helping make vigilant disease management simple and straightforward. “It’s really integrated into my life now,” Bobby says. “I find it really empowering to be able to leverage the technology in the meter and app system to take control of my life and my health.”

1 CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meter meets ±10% accuracy vs. laboratory method, specifically: 97.4% of results within ±10% for blood glucose concentrations ≥5.55 mmol/L, and 100% of results within ±0.56 mmol/L accuracy vs. laboratory method for blood glucose concentrations <5.55 mmol/L.

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