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Those who suffer from acute and chronic pain have found relief with topical treatment by Kalaya. 

Just about everyone has experienced bodily pain in one form or another. Whether it’s mild back pain or severe arthritis, pain is our body’s way of telling us that something’s wrong. It can take many forms — acute pain can arrive with a sudden sharpness, while chronic pain can be debilitating long-term. 

While the sources of different people’s pains may differ, there’s no shortage of options that claim to help. Whether it’s therapy or medication, it can be difficult to find long-lasting relief. 

Long-lasting pain relief with Kalaya 

The health and wellness brand Kalaya is dramatically innovating pain management. Proudly Canadian, the brand was created and is managed by medical professionals who develop and test all of the products. 

Kalaya’s 6X collection is an affordable, topical solution to many types of pain, including joint, muscle, back and arthritis. When tested, all of the participants from the study using the 6X formulation experienced pain improvement.1 The 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief is available as a cream, massager, and spray, and is a registered natural health product with Health Canada. Its formulation has uniquely-combined arnica, menthol, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus, methylsulfonylmethane, and camphor to create an anti-inflammatory, pain-blocking solution. This superior blend has been medically proven to provide fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief.  

Alleviation from acute and chronic pain is finally possible with Kalaya’s 6X formulation.

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