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Rare Disease

Science Brings Hope to Canadians

Incyte believes that every challenge is the chance for a breakthrough 

Incyte is a global biopharmaceutical company on a mission to discover, develop and bring best-in-class medical advances to people suffering from diseases with limited options. The company was founded on the premise that investment in strong science and the relentless pursuit of R&D excellence can translate into new solutions that can positively affect patients’ lives. 


Since establishing its Canadian operation in 2020, Incyte Biosciences Canada, Incyte has invested millions of dollars in Canada through academic and scientific partnerships, and the initiation of 25 clinical trials nationwide. In 2022, Incyte received a nomination for the prestigious Prix Galien Canada “Innovative Product Award” for bringing a new approach which interferes with a specific molecular target on cancer cells. 

Patients Need Access to Innovation  

Incyte believes that collaboration with advocacy groups, policy organizations and rare disease stakeholders is key to breaking down barriers to drug access. Innovative treatments, such as precision medicines, are becoming standards of care. Unfortunately, many of these treatments approved by Health Canada aren’t reimbursed publicly, leaving patients waiting even longer for drugs that could save or improve their lives.  

We need to improve access to the innovative medicines already approved in Canada…every patient deserves a chance for a better future, regardless of the disease or size of the patient population.

Christine Lennon, General Manager of Incyte Biosciences Canada

The rare disease patient community is eager to see the federal government executing on its $1 billion national rare disease drug strategy promise to improve access to rare disease therapies.  

“As a top-tier, first-world country, Canada needs to step up for our citizens,” says Lennon.  

For more information about how Incyte is working every day to find solutions for people living with high unmet medical needs, visit incytebiosciences.ca

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